INNOVO Size Guide

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INNOVO does so much more than a regular pair of shorts! It delivers 180 perfect Kegels in just 30 minutes. Having a nice, comfortable fit ensures that your INNOVO sits correctly around your body to deliver a safe and effective therapy.

INNOVO is available in a wide range of sizes - all based on your low hip/seat measurement, not pant size.

  • INNOVO Kit
    INNOVO Kit

Find The Perfect Fit

INNOVO doesn’t fit the same way as a pair of jeans or pants. A proper INNOVO fit are shorts that fit well but aren’t baggy in the legs. The interior panels flush against the skin and feel comfortable, not tight. You should have room to breathe and not feel super constricted.

How to Measure:

  1. You’ll want to use a soft measuring tape to find the perfect fit.
  2. INNOVO’s sizing is based on the widest part of your hip/low seat.
  3. Stand with your feet together, and measure all the way around the fullest part of your behind/low hip.
  4. Exhale completely to get your most accurate measurement. Double-check your measurement.
  5. If you are between sizes, it’s best to size down for a perfect fit.

Note: If you do not have a soft measuring tape. You can use a piece of non-elastic string to measure around your low hip and then use a rule or standard measuring tape to read the measurement. Please note, that a soft measuring tape is the most accurate way to measure.

The INNOVO Size Guide

Pro-Tip: If you’re between sizes, size down!

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