Our Story


We are Atlantic Therapeutics, a medical device developer on a mission to help millions of people restore their pelvic floor and treat bladder weakness, giving them the confidence and control they need to live an active life.

We develop and manufacture medical device-quality pelvic floor muscle strengthening products — all backed by strong clinical evidence and subjected to controlled trials. We are at the leading edge of technological developments in muscle rehabilitation and conditioning, pioneering clinically proven pelvic floor health solutions.

Thousands of healthcare providers and customers across the world rely on Atlantic Therapeutics products to improve the lives of those with pelvic floor issues. We continue to pursue rigorous clinical trials to further the use of INNOVO® to treat bladder weakness.

Since launching in the European market of March 2016, INNOVO has become the leading choice for a safe, effective, home-based treatment targeting the causes — not just the symptoms — of bladder weakness. INNOVO is currently available in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Ireland and the Middle East, with more launches planned for the near future. In the United States, INNOVO is FDA cleared to treat stress urinary incontinence in women.