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Reviews Are In

Reviews Are In

Join our community of women who've
discovered their path to dryness.

Jamie reviewing INNOVO

I Can Run Again!

I am one of the 87% of women who are now leak-free thanks to INNOVO. I can run again, without experiencing leaks.

— Jaime Hess


With bladder leakage I just wanted to give up on life. Prayed that God would let me die now. I didn't want to become an older women who required depends diapers. I always needed a sanitary napkin, otherwise I would be changing my clothes throughout the day. Talk about depression. I was so happy when I came across Innovo. An answer to prayer for sure. It definitely is working. I had to take a break before completing the required weeks due to a death in the family which required traveling . During the break, leakage became a problem again, but once I started with usage of Innovo again, my kegles are once again getting stronger. Hopefully, more women will discover and answer to a depressing problem.

Ellen G


I am VERY happy with the results I have had with Innovo. I've been using the system for 8 weeks. I started seeing results after about 4 weeks.

Susie M.


I delayed starting using my kit for almost 2 months, due to the sudden blow-up of my marriage, but now that I'm fairly settled, I've begun the regimen, and OH BOY. It took a few times to get the hang of it, but now I feel like a pro, and I can definitely feel the difference, even after only 6 sessions. Not only do I have less leakage, I also am getting a noticeable boost in my other pelvic floor functions. I do look forward to my 30 minute sessions each day, and have been able to boost the setting to 78.

Margaret P.



I started the INNOVO 12-Week Program on January 23, 2023 and completed on April 15, 2023. Once I started, I began to see results almost immediately. I knew then that INNOVO was the answer to my leaky bladder. No more pads, no more leaks, just back to normal everyday comfort. Since then, I have continued as recommended, 2 sessions per week. (Mondays & Fridays) and am currently on my 5th week. Results continue to be extremely effective...NO MORE LEAKS! I would grade myself at 90%. I've discussed my success with my primary physician and I've encouraged him to recommend INNOVO to any of his patients, like myself, looking for help! Thank you INNOVO, one less thing to worry about.

— Rosa M.

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