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How Does INNOVO Work?

INNOVO is a short that you can wear that sends pulses to your muscles to perform kegel exercises.

But, do you know what a Kegel is?

A Kegel can strengthen your pelvic floor, but it’s not always that simple.

50% of women do not do a Kegel correctly.

That’s because the pelvic floor is a hidden muscle, you cannot see if you are doing the exercise correctly.

Kegel exercises (a.k.a. pelvic floor exercises) are the repeated tightening and releasing motion of your pelvic floor muscles. Benefits include...

  • A powerful pelvic floor
  • Living a leak-free life
  • Increased blood flow around your vagina & pelvic muscles
  • Protection of the reproductive system
  • A+ sexual health
  • Strengthened bladder & rectum
your bladder and innovo in action

The Science Behind INNOVO®

INNOVO uses these stimulations to elicit a muscle contraction from the pelvic floor, helping to retrain and strengthen the muscle group, delivering improved bladder control to the user.

Reclaim your freedom in just 12 weeks!

Embrace a life of endless possibilities with INNOVO, the clinically proven device that strengthens your pelvic floor from the inside out.