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Join the 87% of women who are LEAK-FREE in 12 weeks or less!

female urinary incontinence device

Eliminate Leaks In 12 Weeks

Treat incontinence from the inside out with INNOVO, the only clinically proven device that eliminates bladder leaks for good.

Non-Invasive Solution

At Home

FDA Cleared, Doctor Backed

No Prescription Needed

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female urinary incontinence device


Say Goodbye to Pads, Liners & Leakproof Underwear

What is INNOVO? It’s one smart pair of non-invasive, shorts that you wear for 30 minutes a day. Our FDA-cleared technology takes the guesswork out of doing those tricky kegel exercises. Build your pelvic floor muscles over the course of 12 weeks, safely and from your own home.


Is INNOVO Right For Me?

Do you leak when doing everyday things like working out, coughing or laughing? You might be experiencing Stress Urinary Incontinence, the most common form of leakage among women.

1 in 3 Women Experience Bladder Leaks – YOU ARE NOT ALONE

female urinary incontinence device multipath technology

How INNOVO Works

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Customer Reviews

urinary incontinence treatment

What Causes Bladder Leaks?


12 Weeks to Leak-Free

When you order the INNOVO Kit you'll get everything you need for a 12 week treatment, your pelvic floor exerciser kit will contain:

  • INNOVO Multipath Shorts
  • Conductive Spray
  • Cable, Controller
  • Next Strap
  • Charger & Adaptor
  • Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guide.
the innovo female urinary incontinence device kit
female urinary incontinence device

Do you have a

Powerful Pelvic Floor?


of Users Saw a Significant
Reduction in Leaks After 4 Weeks¹


of Users Were Defined as Dry or Nearly Dry After 12 Weeks²


of Users Would Recommend the Therapy to Others¹

female urinary incontinence device shorts


Still Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Does INNOVO require a prescription?

Great news! INNOVO does not require a prescription! INNOVO was cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter (OTC) use.

Now that INNOVO no longer requires a prescription, women can take back control of their personal health in the safest and most convenient way possible with this effective at-home treatment.

What’s the difference between INNOVO and other incontinence solutions?

INNOVO treats the cause, not just the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. While other solutions, like pads, liners and absorbable underwear, help to mask the problem, INNOVO delivers effective, gentle pulses that help strengthen and re-train your pelvic floor.

The key difference between INNOVO and other pelvic floor devices is that INNOVO is truly non-invasive, meaning you don’t need to insert a probe or cone to deliver effective pelvic floor muscle contractions. Plus, it’s FDA cleared, completely safe and has been used successfully over 5 million sessions.

What does INNOVO feel like?

There’s no one better to explain what INNOVO feels like than the women who use it. See how INNOVO changed their lives, in their own words.

“It feels quite pleasant. I stand and watch television, and find it quite relaxing. The time passes quickly.” – INNOVO user

“Kind of relaxing. Time for me and doing me good. Feels like I'm exercising - with no effort!” – INNOVO user

“A tingling and pulsing sensation as the light electric impulses cause your muscle group to tense and relax.” – INNOVO user

Can I use FSA/HSA to purchase INNOVO?

Yes you can. Simply pay for your kit using your FSA/HSA debit card at checkout, or pay with another credit card and submit your receipt to your plan administrator for reimbursement.


Solve Bladder Leaks For Good

The answer is a strong pelvic floor. Our smart Multipath® technology automatically engages your entire pelvic floor to strengthen the muscles and increase bladder control. Results in as little as 4 weeks

female urinary incontinence device


Multipath Technology

Our Multipath Technology engages your pelvic floor muscles to deliver 180 precise Kegels per session.

female urinary incontinence device


Non-Invasive At Home Treatment

Use from the comfort of your own home - no more office visits.

INNOVO is a non-invasive solution Simply slip on the shorts for 30 minutes per day.

urinary incontinence treatment


Clinically Proven

Clinically proven to eliminate SUI leaks without any side effects.


Latest From The INNOVO Blog


Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear from our community of women on the power of INNOVO and join them on the path to dryness.

Liz Dean innovo review

INNOVO is the only permanent fix and gets to the root of incontinence - time to say goodbye to pads, liners, leak proof underwear or other temporary solutions!

Liz Dean
Women using INNOVO

I’ve now completed the 12-week INNOVO cycle and I can’t believe how amazing the results are – I’m dry for the first time in 10 years!

Kath, 51
Leo reviewing innovo urinary incontinence treatment shorts

Midwives tell you how important it is to do your pelvic floor exercises (especially after a forceps delivery!) but it isn’t that easy. I would forget to do them, especially with a new born, as your priorities are elsewhere!

Leo, 36
Real INNOVO reviews

I was having to do a recce of where the toilets were whenever out and about, and the little ‘me-time’ things I used to enjoy like going out for a run, became increasingly difficult.

Harriett, 33
INNOVO reviews from real women

I finally feel like I have control over my body, and I am so grateful.

Sarah, 52
female urinary incontinence device for all women


Doctors Recommend INNOVO¹

Did you know 98% of physicians would recommend INNOVO® to patients struggling with bladder leaks? That’s because INNOVO was co-invented by Dr. Ruth Maher, a leading pelvic health expert, and doctor of physical therapy. INNOVO is finally a real solution that treats the root cause of incontinence and doesn’t just mask the symptoms.


female urinary incontinence device
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