How to use INNOVO

INNOVO is a pelvic floor exerciser designed to deliver 180 perfect Kegels for you.


Spray the sensors and pull on the shorts


Connect to the controller and adjust the pulse level


Settle into one of the recommended positions


After 30 minutes you’ve completed 180 perfect Kegels

Your INNOVO Journey

Build your pelvic floor muscles over 12 weeks and become leak-free.

With INNOVO, you can strengthen your pelvic muscles to treat your bladder leaks from the comfort of your own home, in as little as 4 weeks. INNOVO is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive solution that treats the root cause of incontinence, not just the symptoms.

“With INNOVO, we are creating an open dialog about the aging process and how we can better take care of our health and our happiness to age more successfully. This includes tackling the root cause of bladder leaks, an issue that affects one in three women.”

- Joan Lunden

Watch how INNOVO works

Our MultipathTM Technology deploys varied pulses to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles without causing muscle fatigue.

What our customers say

I know I have confidence

"These shorts were so simple to use, and it still amazes me how effective they were! True-to-size, and comfortable I have recommended them to many of my friends suffering with the same problem. After completing the course with INNOVO I felt like I'm back to normal again and I can exercise without "the Fear"."

INNOVO User, 55-64

INNOVO is a must have

"The INNOVO is a must have product for anyone suffering with weak pelvic muscles. The product is a great design and fit. At first I saw little results with the product but after around 5-6 weeks I definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my muscles. For anyone suffering with weak pelvic muscles, this product is for you."

INNOVO User, 45-54

It more than pays for itself

"I have tried everything for bladder weakness. My legs were constantly sore too from the rubbing of liners and pads on my pants. As a plus size lady anyone in my situation would be able to relate. I decided to give these a go after having seen them online. I have been using them now for over 10 weeks and i have to say I have not needed a pad or a liner since! These have literally changed my life. It’s not a quick solution, but over a period of time it does work and I am so glad that I opted to pay the extra and give these a go. Please don’t be put off by the price, when I added up the cost I have saved in liners, pads and pants it more than pays for itself."

Angela, 35-44

What does INNOVO feel like?

You will feel your pelvic floor muscles contract as the pelvic floor lifts, followed by a relaxation phase after each contraction.

“I was standing, reading emails and doing work. I felt my glutes contracting and my pelvic floor lifting without me having to do anything.”

- Shellie, 55

A leak-free life becomes a reality

These women started using the pelvic trainer and are now able to live their lives without worrying about leaks.

Gem S.
Age 55Commander in Chief of Household

"Because of INNOVO I can travel by car without stopping at every other rest area and I don't have to run in when I get there."

Shannon V.
Age 46Hardworking Single Mom

“Because of INNOVO I don’t have to walk around wondering if people can ‘smell’ my problem.”

Jaime K.

"Because of INNOVO I can go riding, hiking and livign my life without stopping every 20 minutes to pee!"

Clinically proven to eliminate bladder leaks

  • 87% of women were defined as dry or nearly dry after 30 hours of treatment2
  • More than 4.5 million sessions completed worldwide
  • Tested in multiple clinical studies and cleared by the FDA

A clinically-proven pelvic floor trainer

FDA-cleared, non-invasive pelvic floor exerciser that strengthens your pelvic floor to treat the root cause of incontinence. Results in as little as 4 weeks.

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