women experience bladder incontinence1


of users saw significant improvement after 4 weeks3


of users were defined as dry or near-dry after three months2

What is INNOVO?

Easy to use, comfortable to wear and FDA cleared, INNOVO® is a truly non-invasive solution that helps you safely and effortlessly treat urinary stress incontinence by strengthening and retraining the pelvic floor muscles through pain-free muscle stimulation.

Using INNOVO has been proven to treat stress urinary incontinence — delivering results in as little as four weeks. INNOVO is the only non-invasive pelvic floor exercise that treats the root cause of bladder weakness.

To treat your SUI with INNOVO, you must first get a prescription from your doctor. Download our checklist for your next appointment.

How does INNOVO work?

Control leaks in weeks! Easy, comfortable and pain free. INNOVO makes it simple to treat bladder weakness at home.

Week 1

Start using INNOVO for 30 minutes a day/5 days a week, increasing program intensity as you progress.

Week 4

Your pelvic floor muscles are growing stronger and you’re experiencing fewer accidents.

Month 3

You’re completely dry or almost there. Your program intensity is now at the highest level yet.

Post-Month 3

Continue to use INNOVO once a week to keep your pelvic floor strong.

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What causes incontinence?

There are many roads to incontinence, but there’s one root cause: a weakened pelvic floor. Whatever’s aggravating your bladder weakness, there’s one proven solution: INNOVO.

See how each of these triggers affects a weakened bladder in women.

The solution to bladder weakness

To effectively train a weakened pelvic floor you need to be aiming for around 100 to 200 contractions daily. So I recommend the new INNOVO® Shorts.

Kick that pad habit. Get back to being you.

Urinary incontinence can feel like a lonesome burden — but you’re not alone. 1 in 3 women suffers from leaks every day. While many rely on pads, liners and absorbable underwear, those merely mask the problem. And can add up to $700 a year! Whether you’re laughing with friends, hitting the gym or enjoying intimate time with a partner, the stress of controlling your bladder can ruin the moment.

INNOVO gives you back control of your bladder. Helping to restore weak pelvic floor muscles — the root cause of leaks — INNOVO offers the only clinically-proven, truly non-invasive solution for stress urinary incontinence.

So, get back to the things you love. Live with confidence. Declare to the world: I just free’d myself!

See what women are saying about INNOVO

Every day, people just like you are restoring bladder control and living life with confidence thanks to INNOVO. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

"Do not to suffer in silence like I did. Life should not and doesn’t have to be that way. I really urge anybody who is suffering with bladder weakness to try INNOVO® because it transformed my life and can certainly transform theirs. Forget the pads, probes or any other solutions because they just cause more frustration and discomfort. I just believe in the product so much. INNOVO® gave me my life back and was the best investment I ever made!"

Kath, 51

"The shorts were so simple to use, and it still amazes me how effective they were! True-to-size, and comfortable I have recommended them to many of my friends suffering with the same problem. After completing the course with INNOVO® I feel like I’m back to normal again and I can exercise without “the Fear.”

Katy, 34

“I started to see results after a few weeks of using INNOVO®. My leaks were becoming less and less. A few weeks into the program I was running again. I could use the trampoline. I even started doing this dance class on the trampoline with my sister, it felt great to move again! I also found the INNOVO® shorts to be extremely convenient- it was great to be able to simply put a pair of shorts on and to be able to get on with my day while they strengthened my pelvic floor.

Kelly-Anne, 30

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Be who you want to be – without leaks.