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Atlantic Therapeutics launch INNOVO® onto the Irish market

Pelvic floor weakness, also known as bladder weakness or urinary incontinence, is a widespread issue, affecting one in three women in varying degrees of severity. In fact, 82% of Irish women consider their symptoms to be severe, while 55% of women have reported feeling anxious and depressed as a result of this problem and would describe it as having a debilitating effect on their quality of life.

On 27 October, Atlantic Therapeutics launch INNOVO®, their ground-breaking medical device onto the Irish market. Innovotherapy is the first treatment of its kind; non-invasive, easy to use, comfortable, safe and effective. Innovotherapy directly targets pelvic floor weakness, the root cause of urinary leaks, unlike many other treatments which simply mask the symptoms. It is clinically proven and has already changed the lives of thousands of women in the UK, Germany and France.

At the INNOVO® launch, Dr Nina Byrnes, GP and TV Presenter, spoke about pelvic floor weakness and the impact it can have on women both physically and emotionally.

She said, “The symptoms of pelvic floor weakness are widespread and are unbearable for many. Its effects make many women hesitant to do simple, everyday things such as go for a walk or even enjoy a good laugh because of it, yet it’s rare that they seek help or treatment for the problem. Culturally, we don’t speak about sensitive topics and pelvic floor weakness for women is one of the most sensitive topics there is, especially following pregnancy and childbirth.

"It’s so important that we break the barrier of silence surrounding this issue and encourage women to talk to each other and if necessary, seek medical advice. It is only by doing so that we can really start to tackle its combined physical and emotional impacts.”

“It’s a severe problem, but it’s a treatable problem. The launch of this product shows the steps that have been taken to ensure effective treatment and I would urge anyone who is suffering urinary leaks to seriously consider the ways that they can treat it. I would also encourage women to talk to each other and lean on each other. It’s embarrassing, but I think we would all be surprised by how many of us are going through the same thing,” she said.

Innovotherapy is available at selected Lloyds Pharmacy outlets and online here. Further expert and patient resources are also available to users via the free INNOVO® App which also allows women to track their progress.

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