The Wellness Gift Guide

There’s no denying it: The past few years have been rough. During isolation, loneliness took hold, we felt more fatigued, and anxiety levels skyrocketed. If nothing else, we’ve all learned that health and wellness matter.


But, pandemic aside, caring for ourselves often falls to the bottom of the list, especially for women. We prioritize family and friends, work and other obligations over ourselves. So, receiving a present that encourages a little self-care moment is a welcome and much needed delight. We’ve rounded up a few wellness gifts for everyone on your list. Just don’t forget to treat the most important gal in your life. YOU.

wthn Face Tool Set


Your skin deserves a little relaxation and rejuvenation. This kit comes with three skincare tools inspired by ancient Chinese practices. First, there’s a face roller. Gliding it over skin in an upward motion can reduce puffiness and help with dark undereye circles. Next up, a Gua Sha stone, which sculpts face contours and may even boost collagen production. Finally, face cups. Gently suctioning these to your skin and moving them over your face can depuff and lift.



Poof—pee problems gone! Wouldn’t that be the best gift ever for anyone suffering from incontinence? Well, surprise—it’s one you can actually give. INNOVO is a safe, convenient, treatment for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) that offers an easy, at-home solution that’s clinically-proven to boot. In just 30 minutes you’ll get 180 kegels delivered right to your pelvic floor muscles with every session. Use INNOVO for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for 12 weeks as a proven way to treat bladder weakness. You may even see results in as little as four weeks.

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket


You know that totally zen state you’re in post sauna session? Now that can be achieved at home! Lay under this sauna blanket (it slips on like a sleeping bag) and you’ll instantly start feeling warm and sweaty in the best possible way. Fans of the blanket say they feel detoxed and relaxed after every use.

Daily Harvest Custom Gift Box


Daily Harvest has long been known for providing easy, healthy meal options for busy women. This year, they’ve launched a custom gift box option. And since just about everyone tries to eat a bit healthier come January, it’s pretty much a no-brainer gift. Fill the custom gift box with everything from smoothies to warm grain bowls and overnight oats—each option just has to be blended or heated up. (We recommend the carrot and cinnamon smoothie and the artichoke and lemon harvest bowl)


Bala Bangles


Dealing with SUI doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workout. These bangles may look like funky bracelets, but they’re actually one-pound weights you strap to your wrists or ankles to provide steady resistance in whatever workout you do. Wear these on a brisk walk or during a yoga flow to up the intensity and help you get a better sweat session in.

Ban.Do Feelings Feelings Card Deck


A perfect stocking stuffer, this deck of cards is all about boosting your mental health. The cards are split into categories—joy, fear, sadness, anger, and wild card. Each one has a prompt on it, meant to make you think about how you process emotions (and possibly inspire a really great journal entry). But this gift doesn’t just benefit the receiver. Fifty percent of the net proceeds go to The Loveland Foundation, which supports the mental health of women of color.