Holiday Activities You Can Enjoy While Using INNOVO

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and one of the busiest. Be that as it may, strengthening your pelvic floor with INNOVO can easily fit into any schedule—even if your to-do list is longer than the man in red’s. Simply set aside 30 minutes, 5 days a week, and choose your most comfortable treatment position (standing, sitting, or laying down), while INNOVO delivers 180 effortless Kegels. Want to multitask while you’re at it? No problem!

Here are three holiday activities you can enjoy as you treat the root cause of your incontinence:

Wrapping Bow-topped Presents

It’s important to remain still while using INNOVO, but wrapping presents at the kitchen island shouldn’t involve much movement of your lower half. Tend to your gifts as normal with a slightly heightened awareness of your feet remaining steadily planted. If at any point you begin to feel uncomfortable, simply set the ribbons aside and move on to an activity that allows you to take a seat.

Writing Holly Jolly Cards

If your stack of cards is as high as ours, a half hour with INNOVO will likely take less time than it does to write a personalized message in each. Just gather the necessities (pens, stickers, stamps—you know the drill), take a seat in your form-fitting INNOVO shorts, and start writing. With each envelope closed, your pelvic floor muscles will become more powerful and your bladder control will increase.

Watching Very Merry Movies

If standing or sitting while using INNOVO makes you feel uneasy, there’s always the option of laying down. Just slip on our non-invasive device, grab your favorite blanket, and cozy up to a feel-good flick by the fire. While the film rolls, your entire network of pelvic floor muscles will be strengthened and re-educated delivering 180 perfect Kegels in just 30-minutes.

Updated on Nov-25-21

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