INNOVO Honored on FAST COMPANY'S 2022 World Changing Ideas Award List

We Made The FAST COMPANY List! 

Fast Company's World Changing Ideas Awards are an annual recognition of innovative ways companies and individuals are tackling the world's most prominent challenges.

Incontinence, or bladder leaks, affects an estimated 400 million people worldwide, but the condition itself is stigmatized and still very much considered taboo. INNOVO is here to change that, one Kegel contraction at a time. 

Forget about pads and liners that simply act as band-aids, or invasive devices that may cause infection. With more than 5 Million successful treatments delivered to date, INNOVO is the first non-invasive, FDA-cleared solution that safely and conveniently strengthens your pelvic floor from home, eliminating bladder leaks for good in 12 weeks or less.  

“Finally a solution for women who have bladder control problems that does not involve surgery and can be used at home.” – Dr. Diane Newman

“What I think is so genius about the INNOVO shorts, is that it is something that is technologically sound, it’s forward thinking, and IT WORKS.” – Dr. Sherri Ross