How does pregnancy and childbirth cause stress urinary incontinence?

The pelvic floor is composed of muscle layers that act as a supportive hammock, stretching from the pubic bone to the end of the backbone. But pregnancy-related stresses — hormonal changes, pressure caused by the expanding womb, and childbirth itself (natural or caesarean) — can weaken the pelvic floor muscles, leading to an unsupported bladder neck and a lifetime of leaks.

The impact of a weak pelvic floor doesn’t end at the bladder. It can cause a loss of sexual sensation, poor posture, core strength weakness, and a lowered sense of self-confidence and wellbeing.

How do I treat bladder incontinence post-childbirth?

Just like any muscle in the body, your pelvic floor muscles need regular exercise to maintain their strength.

But when pelvic floor weakness leads to urinary incontinence, many women cope by using pads, resigning to leaks as a part of their lives. But the issue is completely treatable — you just need to work those muscles!

You may have heard about strengthening pelvic floor muscles when you first became pregnant. Nurses and midwives generally recommend doing Kegel exercises to prevent post-birth leaks. However, not only are these reps pretty tricky — especially if your pelvic floor is already weak — you also need to do hundreds to reap the benefits.

INNOVO is an FDA-cleared solution that treats the root cause of incontinence so you can finally say goodbye to pads and liners for good! Recommended by healthcare professionals around the world, INNOVO easily fits into your busy lifestyle – all you need is 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 3 months.

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"The INNOVO shorts were so simple to use, and it still amazes me how effective they were! True to size and comfortable to put on, I ended up recommending them to so many of my friends who were experiencing the same problem.

After completing the full 12-week treatment with INNOVO I feel like I’m back to normal again and I can exercise without fear. Interestingly, I can do manual pelvic floor Kegel exercises which were never possible before I sought treatment. It is a long-lasting solution to the issue, rather than temporary symptom relief."


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"Since using INNOVO, I’ve been able to start exercising and jump around with my daughter which is great, and I’ve stopped having to wear pads which is really liberating! I have the confidence to know that I can control my bladder, rather than it being in control of me. I’m looking forward to taking Aria on her first vacation abroad and being able to board the plane knowing I don’t need to worry about bladder weakness is a huge weight lifted. We’ll be walking, hiking, swimming – all the things I used to do and love pre-baby!"

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