Why does menopause cause bladder weakness?

While many women’s pelvic floors can withstand the hormonal and physical pressures of pregnancy and childbirth, when they start approaching peri-menopause of menopause, may experience urinary leaks.

Menopause causes your ovaries to stop producing estrogen, which in addition to controlling your period, also helps to keep your pelvic floor muscles healthy and tight. So when estrogen levels drop, the pelvic floor weakens, resulting in incontinence.

These new leaks come as a surprise to many women and can occur when least expected - with a simple cough, sneeze, laugh or sudden movement. A common initial response is to just use pads or liners or say you’ll start doing extra Kegels (which we all know can be tricky to do).

Let’s face it, we can’t ignore incontinence as it can worsen with time. And you deserve to live life to the fullest. Start your leak-free journey with INNOVO today!

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Many women who experienced menopause-related bladder leaks turned to INNOVO so they too could finally treat the root cause of incontinence. Hear what they have to say about their now leak-free lives!

Christine, 72

"If I can restore my pelvic floor at 70, then it just confirms the point that it doesn’t matter how old you are. INNOVO does work. I’ve tried it and tested it. Thank you INNOVO not only for your product, but for your support and advice, and confidence in me achieving what I set out to do with this program."

Kath, 52

"I am feeling like me again; I can laugh when I want to laugh and enjoy the moment, rather than looking around for the restroom or worrying about having to change my pad. I just believe in this product so much. INNOVO gave me my life back and was the best investment I ever made!"

Caroline, 56

"I started noticing improvements after four weeks and a significant change after 8 weeks. The shorts helped massively with my bladder weakness and made me feel so much more confident – I got my life back. I can go out in the car, I can socialize without feeling embarrassment or running to the restroom."

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