Real women, real results

These women started using INNOVO in 2020 and are now able to live their lives without having to worry about leaks!

Jaime K - 52

Alaskan girl.

"Because of INNOVO I can go riding, hiking and live my life without stopping every 20 minutes to pee!"

Shannon V - 46

Hardworking single mama of an amazing teenager.

"Because of INNOVO I don't have to walk around wondering if people can 'smell' my problem."

Laurie G - 56

Organized minimalist.

"Because of INNOVO I can now run on the treadmill without leaking."

Karen G - 56

Essential worker.

"Because of INNOVO I can get through my work day without worries of leaks - peace of mind!"


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Susie’s Leak-Free Journey with INNOVO

Listen to Susie's journey with INNOVO and how it has positively changed her life!

Katy’s INNOVO Journey | Living a Leak-Free Life
"Bladder leaks are a well-accepted fact of mom life, but no one really talks overtly about it as a problem".
Kelly-Anne’s INNOVO Journey | My Life Has Changed
"I ignored the symptoms because I couldn't admit to myself that I had bladder issues. It was all very embarrassing"
Leo’s INNOVO Journey | Living Leak-Free After Pregnancy
"The combination of being a new mom coupled with worsening symptoms of bladder weakness made me worry constantly."
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