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What do women say about INNOVO?

Susie, 43

"I can finally go out and about and no longer need to worry about restrooms."

Kath, 52

"It's sheer bliss for a half an hour each night."

Shellie Edington's first experience using INNOVO

Shellie Edington, 55, is a Professional CrossFit athlete, mother to 3 beautiful girls, and a new grandmother. She has suffered from incontinence for over 20 years since the birth of her first child. Listen to what she has to say about using INNOVO for the very first time!

"I felt my pelvic floor lifting without me doing anything."

Katy’s INNOVO Journey | Living a Leak-Free Life
"Bladder leaks are a well-accepted fact of mom life, but no one really talks overtly about it as a problem".
Kelly-Anne’s INNOVO Journey | My Life Has Changed
"I ignored the symptoms because I couldn't admit to myself that I had bladder issues. It was all very embarrassing"
Leo’s INNOVO Journey | Living Leak-Free After Pregnancy
"The combination of being a new mom coupled with worsening symptoms of bladder weakness made me worry constantly."
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