INNOVO® Starter Kit

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Size guide

If you're between sizes, it's recommended you opt for the smaller size.

Find more information about finding your size here.

INNOVO Size Low Hip / Seat Measurement (inches)  
2 32½" – 35"
3 35" – 36"
4 36" – 38"
5 38" – 40½"
6 40½" – 42½"
7 42½" – 44½"
8 44½" – 47"
9 47" – 49"
10 49" – 51"

80% of users saw results in 4 weeks1.


effective and successful sessions delivered worldwide.2


physicians would recommend INNOVO.3

Innovo Starter Kit

INNOVO® is a truly non-invasive, long-lasting solution to bladder leaks. Clinically proven to treat the root cause of incontinence, INNOVO strengthens and re-educates your pelvic floor muscles right from the comfort of your own home. INNOVO is safe, easy to use, and fits into your busy lifestyle - wear them for 30 minutes a day, 5 days week and see results in as little as 4 weeks!

Let INNOVO do the hard work for you – it’s simple!

Put on the shorts and let INNOVO exercise your pelvic floor muscles for you. INNOVO delivers 180 perfect and complete pelvic floor contractions (Kegels) over each 30-minute session, safely treating the root cause of bladder leaks.

Only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, Treat your leaks in as little as 4 weeks.

Find your fit

INNOVO is available in a range of sizes and finding the right size will help you to safely and effortlessly strengthen your pelvic floor. Remember that INNOVO does so much more than your regular shorts, so it’s very important that you get the right fit for you.

To find your INNOVO size, you will first need to measure what we call your “INNOVO line”. To do this, you will need a soft tape measure and a little privacy!

Check out our size guide to find your perfect fit.

Treat, don't tolerate

Time to get your life back

Get your confidence back. Get your life back. No more leaks, pads or worries.

Time to be free to laugh, socialize or chase after your children or grandchildren without thinking about where the closest restroom is. Time to be spontaneous again.

Time to get active! Jump, run, swim, dance or just go for a walk in the park without worrying about accidents. There won’t be any. You got this!

Time to wear what you want. You. Decide. Not your bladder.

Customer Reviews

Winners of over 10 awards, however, the best recognition comes with each customer story of success and knowing they got their lives back.

This keeps us motivated in delivering the best solution to bladder leaks.

Treat, don't tolerate.

“Been doing this now for 5 weeks and it is fabulous - feel as if I am getting my life back - I am now dry and have had no accidents - will update again after week 12 but this system really works would defo recommend to give it a go”.


“I've just finished my second week of using the INNOVO shorts and have already noticed a difference, it doesn't seem much but I sneezed and didn't leak”.


“My bladder is so much better simplest thing I have used in a long time”.


“I have only been using it for one week but can already notice a difference. I did an hour workout without having to wear a pad and no leakage amazing!”.


“I bought my INNOVO 12 weeks ago. I’m so pleased with the results I’m on my 11th week now and I’ve got to say it works. It’s expensive but it’s well worth the money, it’s better than wearing pads!”


The INNOVO kit gives you everything you need to get started on your stress urinary incontinence.

Your INNOVO will be sent in neutral, discreet packaging.

To use INNOVO, simply spray the electrodes with INNOVO Spray 3-4 times before each use, pull INNOVO on, connect the controller and let the shorts do the rest!

For more detailed information and directions, check out the INNOVO Quick Start Guide.





This safe spray ensures a reliable, comfortable connection between your skin and INNOVO’s proprietary, built-in technology to effectively deliver gentle pulses to your pelvic floor. Use the spray before every use, carefully spraying all 8 panels 3-4 times.