INNOVO Starter Kit

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INNOVO Size Low Hip / Seat Measurement  
2 32½" – 35"
3 35" – 36"
4 36" – 38"
5 38" – 40½"
6 40½" – 42½"
7 42½" – 44½"
8 44½" – 47"
9 47" – 49"
10 49" – 51"


INNOVO is a truly non-invasive, long-lasting solution to urinary incontinence. Clinically proven to strengthen and retrain pelvic floor muscles to improve bladder control, INNOVO is safe, easy to use and fits into your life — wear them like cycling shorts and see results in as little as four weeks!

To use INNOVO, simply spray the electrodes with INNOVO Spray, pull on the shorts, connect the controller and the integrated electrodes will do the hard work for you.

Our short video explains everything.

The INNOVO kit gives you everything you need to get started on your stress urinary incontinence.

Your INNOVO will be sent in neutral, discreet packaging.

Our Pay by Instalments plan is available to all INNOVO customers. There is no application process, and no interest charged. Simply check the box at checkout and we’ll split your payment over six monthly instalments. You’ll receive your INNOVO upon receipt of your first payment which is payable when you place your order. The five remaining instalments are payable on a 30 day basis by direct debit.

Purchases of INNOVO products using the instalment plan are limited to one purchase per transaction. If you’d like to purchase INNOVO by instalments, you will need to consent to your credit/debit card being charged on a monthly basis.

NOTE: Any declined payments will result in your losing the right to pay by instalment, and any outstanding sum will be due immediately. More information non payment terms and conditions are available here.

INNOVO is not compatible for use if you have a pacemaker, metal implants in the hip or pelvic region, within 6 weeks of natural birth, within 12 weeks of caesarean section or if you have an IUD coil fitted which is made from any conductive material, such as copper. A full list of contraindications can be found here.

If you have ANY concerns about whether INNOVO is right for you, check first with your GP or medical specialist, or give us a call on 0800 028 5687. There’s also more info in our FAQs section.

Customer Reviews

“Been doing this now for 5 weeks and it is fabulous - feel as if I am getting my life back - I am now dry and have had no wee accidents - will update again after week 12 but this system really works would defo recommend to give it a go”.


“I've just finished my second week of using the INNOVO shorts and have already noticed a difference, it doesn't seem much but I sneezed and didn't leak”.


“My bladder is so much better simplest thing I have used in a long time”.


“I have only been using it for one week but can already notice a difference. I did an hour workout without having to wear a pad and no leakage amazing!”.


“Brilliant, fantastic! Only 4 days in and I have a seen a noticeable difference. Sleeping right through the night for the first time in many many months! Would recommend to everyone”.


“I bought my INNOVO 12 weeks ago. I’m so pleased with the results I’m on my 11th week now and I’ve got to say it works. It’s expensive but it’s well worth the money, it’s better than wearing pads!”


"After having radical prostatectomy operation, and no improvement in leakage, it was recommended that I try innovo, if you’ve been there you’ll know what I mean, all I can say the improvement has been wonderfull, not perfect but almost back to normal, I would say try it you’ve nothing to lose".


"I had partial incontinence after removal of my prostate and in spite of pelvic floor exercises it was not improving. Using the INNOVO for about 12 weeks and I am now fully continent with no problems so I fully endorse this product".


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