women experience bladder incontinence1


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The solution to bladder leaks

What is INNOVO?

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What causes incontinence?

There are many roads to incontinence, but there’s one root cause: a weakened pelvic floor. Whatever’s aggravating your bladder weakness, there’s one proven solution: INNOVO.

See how each of these triggers affects a weakened bladder in women.

Kick that pad habit. Get back to being you.

Urinary incontinence can feel like a lonesome burden — but you’re not alone. 1 in 3 women suffers from leaks every day. While many rely on pads, liners and absorbable underwear, those merely mask the problem. And can add up to $700 a year! Whether you’re laughing with friends, hitting the gym or enjoying intimate time with a partner, the stress of controlling your bladder can ruin the moment.

INNOVO gives you back control of your bladder. Helping to restore weak pelvic floor muscles — the root cause of leaks — INNOVO offers the only clinically-proven, truly non-invasive solution for stress urinary incontinence.

So, get back to the things you love. Live with confidence. Declare to the world: I just free’d myself!

Real Women, Real Stories

Susie, a mom of two, shares her journey.

Katy’s INNOVO Journey | Living a Leak-Free Life
"Bladder leaks are a well-accepted fact of mom life, but no one really talks overtly about it as a problem".
Leo’s INNOVO Journey | Living Leak-Free After Pregnancy
"The combination of being a new mom coupled with worsening symptoms of bladder weakness made me worry constantly."

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