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Your pelvic floor

What causes Bladder Weakness?

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There are many reasons for a weak bladder.

A weak pelvic floor is the primary cause of bladder weakness but what causes your pelvic floor to become weakened in the first place?

In women, typical causes of pelvic floor weakness include pregnancy, menopause1 and high impact exercises. In men, the most common cause is prostate surgery.2 However these are not the only causes. Other reasons for a weak pelvic floor include: 

  • Straining when opening your bowels. The ‘pushing down’ movement when you strain to open your bowels can actually put pressure on the pelvic floor and make it weaker over time
  • Being overweight puts more pressure on your pelvic floor. Losing excess weight may help you to alleviate symptoms
  • Chronic coughing. Persistent coughing can damage and overstretch the muscles.
  • Heavy exercise or heavy lifting can cause pressure and strain on the pelvic floor which can weaken the muscle over time

The good news is that a weak bladder is fixable. INNOVO’s clinically proven, non-invasive technology restores and strengthens your all-important pelvic floor, helping you regain bladder control and get your confidence back by treating the root cause, and not just the symptoms of bladder weakness. No more little accidents, no more awkward pads or liners, no more embarrassment. So regardless of what kind of bladder weakness you are experiencing, INNOVO can help you restore your pelvic floor strength, and get back to doing everything you want to do, when you want to do it. 


In women, typical causes of pelvic floor weakness are pregnancy, menopause and high impact exercises and in men, the most common cause is prostate surgery.

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