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Your pelvic floor

Maintaining your pelvic floor for life

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After completing your 12 week Innovotherapy plan, you should continue to use INNOVO to help maintain a healthy pelvic floor. How frequently you should use INNOVO will depend on your specific condition and improvement rate. As a general guide we would recommend you continue to use INNOVO 1-2 times a week. This will ensure that the results achieved during the 12 week programme will be sustained. One of the major advantages of using INNOVO is that you will have an improved awareness of your pelvic floor, so you can also maintain a healthy pelvic floor by doing daily pelvic floor exercises.

For optimum results we advise you should replace your INNOVO gel pads after 60 sessions or 6 months – whichever comes first. If they become visibly worn or dried out before this time then you will need to replace them. Replacement pads can be purchased here.

It is important to maintain a healthy pelvic floor after completing the 12 week INNOVO plan.

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