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Bladder weakness and sport

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Why does sport cause bladder weakness?

Leaking is not just an issue reserved for pregnant or menopausal women; athletic women are also part of the millions of women at high risk of suffering from urinary incontinence. The issue tends to affect women who are heavily involved in high-impact sports such as running, gymnastics and HIIT training. These sports require hitting the ground hard, which can subsequently weaken the pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue that supports the bladder.

It is generally assumed that athletic women must have a strong pelvic floor because they have strong and defined muscles and work out regularly; however this is often not the case. Intense abdominal exercises and vigorous training puts additional pressure on the pelvic floor, potentially impacting it in a detrimental way. So no matter how many crunches you do, it is training your internal muscles that holds the key.

It is vital that active women with weak pelvic floor muscles address the problem as it can continue to degenerate over time. Innovotherapy is a solution and supports training regimes, providing women with a strong core from the inside out, meaning you can sign up for that ultra marathon with confidence!


High intensity exercise can add pressure on the pelvic floor muscle causing it to weaken.

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