INNOVO Shorts Pack

The INNOVO Shorts Pack has everything you need to refresh your INNOVO experience and continue to benefit from a strong & healthy pelvic floor. The pack includes INNOVO Shorts in your preferred size, a 250ml bottle of INNOVO Spray and a Quick Start Guide to assist you in getting the most from your INNOVO. This pack is compatible with the INNOVO controller. Simply connect the controller and cable to the Shorts to get started.

NOTE: The INNOVO Shorts Pack does NOT contain the INNOVO controller. Contains garment & spray only.

How to set up and use INNOVO

To use your INNOVO Shorts Pack, simply spray the electrodes on the inside of the shorts with the INNOVO Spray provided, pull on the shorts, connect to your original INNOVO controller and the integrated electrodes will do the hard work for you.

Our short video explains everything.

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