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Don't suffer a poor sex life due to bladder weakness

Bring back date nights

Refuel that spark! Ok, we’ve been there. You’ve had a long day; your kids are in feral mode and are driving you up the wall; you’re exhausted, and let’s not even get started on how long it’s been since you’ve waxed your legs, let alone anywhere else. The last thing on your mind is an energetic roll in the hay. But a big part of improving any relationship, and indeed your sex life, is being able to connect with each other mentally as well as physically just like in the beginning of a new relationship. Get to know each other all over again – there’s always something new to find out about your partner. And you may find out a thing or two about yourself while you’re at it…

They discovered that couples who spend at least one night a week alone together say they're more committed to their relationship than those who don't hang out together as much. Oh, and couples who do those date nights are more than three times more likely to say that they're "highly satisfied" with their sex lives.”Cosmopolitan

Love your body

For a lot of us, something that gets in the way of being intimate with our partners the most, are those little insecurities that, no matter how much we’re told “that doesn’t matter, you’re beautiful”, they’ll continue to make us feel unsexy. How you feel about yourself not only reflects in your mood & attitude but could also have an effect on your relationship. That’s why you need to give yourself the confidence to recognise your own beauty (inside and out). Whether this means looking in the mirror every morning and reminding yourself of all your amazing qualities or simply deciding to start living a more active lifestyle to feel healthier and happier, the change needs to come from within! Why not turn this weakness that’s affecting your sex life into a strength by making your partner your new workout buddy? You can work up a sweat on your journey to health and wellness, whilst getting to spend more time together. So, what are you waiting for? Get that blood pumping.


Be adventurous! Step out of your comfort zone

As we said earlier, it’s easy to become lazy in the bedroom. Whether it’s because you’re both always tired from a busy day at work or because you’re just used to your ‘standard’ routine. Why not surprise your partner with something new and spontaneous to switch things up a little bit?

It's great to feel relaxed and comfortable in bed, but you don't want to get too comfortable. In a relationship, especially if you've been in one for a while, it's easy to get so used to each other and so relaxed that you end up living in your comfort zone. That can be great for a while, but you don't want your relationship to stagnate…Stepping out of your comfort zone together as a couple can really be like a breath of fresh air and breathe new life into your relationship” - Bustle

Stop with the ‘sex-cuses’

The results of a British study based on the social implications of Stress Urinary Incontinence showed that 1 in 5 women make ‘sex-cuses’ to their partners to get out of having sex. This is because they suffer from urinary incontinence which they struggle to speak out about and seek help for (if you read our previous blog post you’ll see that 68% of women have never consulted their GP about this problem). After speaking to our users, we discovered that not only can bladder weakness affect your confidence, it can also stop you from being able to do simple things with your partner such as have a nice night out because there will always be that worry of leaking or having to constantly run to the toilet. For some, a weak pelvic floor can mean that your muscles become loose, making it hard for you and your partner to enjoy sex and in certain cases, it can become uncomfortable or painful.

With INNOVO, you can stop making sex-cuses and re-spark that flame that your leaks have been putting out for so long. If you’ve had a look around our website, you’ll see that INNOVO targets the root of your urinary incontinence problem and strengthens your pelvic floor so that you gain back full control and freedom of your muscles.

So, if you feel like your sex life has plummeted and you’re struggling to get it back to where it used to be, why not try these suggestions above? You can start by purchasing your INNOVO here and following us on our social channels to find out how other ladies, just like you, have improved throughout their Innovotherapy journey.




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