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Strengthen your pelvic floor with our invisible technology

Do you know how to activate your pelvic floor?

We are excited to introduce flexible, convenient audio workouts that can be incorporated into your routine, anytime, any place, meaning there’s never been an easier way to squeeze pelvic floor exercise into your day.  No need for mats or Lycra, the series of 5, 10 and 15 minute workouts - with narrated exercises from our pelvic floor expert Jane Wake - means you can maximise your commute or precious moments of ‘me time’ to improve your inner strength. 

Many people may be panicking that they’ve never heard of the pelvic floor – but they shouldn’t, they are not alone. The pelvic floor muscles are quite possibly our body’s biggest unsung heroes and they play a crucial role in day-to-day functions, from facilitating healthy toilet habits, to supporting our posture and physical movements. Pregnancy, child birth, menopause and exercise can all take their toll on the pelvic floor and this can lead to bladder weakness – which affects the lives of an astonishing one in three women in the UK (and one in ten men).

However, help is now at hand from the team at INNOVO®, who offer you a simple, effective and convenient way to improve your inner strength by incorporating pelvic floor exercises into your everyday routine, giving sufferers back control of their body by treating the root cause of urinary leaks.  

Click here to checkout our pelvic floor workout series of 5, 10 and 15 minute with Jane Wake coaching you from start to finish. 

For those who find it difficult to voluntarily contract their pelvic floor and want fast results, then Innovotherapy can help to identify where the pelvic muscles are in order to achieve the ability to voluntarily contract them. The non-invasive technology sends targeted impulses to safely and effectively activate all the muscles of the pelvic floor. 
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