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Getting the most from your INNOVO® Shorts

We’re getting some great feedback on our new INNOVO® Shorts since its introduction just a couple of months ago. People love the safety, comfort and ease of use of INNOVO® Shorts and we’re always so thrilled to hear your positive feedback.

We’re also keen to share some of our top tips for using INNOVO® Shorts that should help you to achieve your goal of taking control over leaks once and for all!

Our top tips for using INNOVO® Shorts:

  • Make sure you always apply enough INNOVO® Spray to completely cover each electrode panel, which will ensure a good contact with the skin. We find that 2 – 3 sprays are usually enough, but it’s absolutely fine to add another spray or two if you wish.
  • The most effective position to use INNOVO® is when you are standing. Standing ensures the best pelvic floor contraction with INNOVO®, building strength and improving coordination to resist the internal pressure that causes those nuisance leaks when you jump, laugh, run, cough or sneeze.
  • If you prefer not to stand for a full 30 minute treatment session, remember that you can always break up your therapy session in 2 x 15 minute or 3 x 10 minute slots.

  • With an effective pelvic floor contraction, you will feel a sensation of “squeezing”, “tightening” and or “lifting up” between your legs. You may not feel this “lifting up” sensation during your first treatment sessions while you become familiar with using INNOVO®. The sensation will change as you increase the intensity:
    • Low intensity - gentle tingling
    • Moderate intensity - contraction of the buttocks
    • Therapeutic intensity - contraction of the pelvic floor.
    • You should aim to use INNOVO® at the highest intensity you can comfortably tolerate. An effective pelvic floor contraction with INNOVO® should be strong but never painful.
  • If you do want to change position during your treatment session, you should first turn your INNOVO® off completely, then move to the new position. Ensure the electrode panels (on the inside) are smooth against the skin before restarting your session. Changing position without turning your INNOVO® off may reduce the quality & effectiveness of your INNOVO® session.
  • Remember that INNOVO® is a certified medical device, so please treat your Shorts with kindness and follow the instructions carefully. The ‘How to Use’ video below is helpful in demonstrating how to get started and how to best care for your INNOVO® when not in use.


We hope these little hints will help you to get the best from your INNOVO® Shorts and help you to enjoy life more as you so deserve.  

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