Breaking the bladder weakness taboo

It’s estimated that between 3-6 million Brits experience some form of bladder weakness every single day1. It’s a condition that carries unnecessary stigma – people feel uncomfortable talking about it, which holds them back from solving the problem.

We believe you deserve more than a lifetime of leaks.

#LetsPeeHonest is a campaign that aims to destigmatise bladder weakness by opening up the conversation about this common condition, and to highlight that a long-term solution is available to overcome it.

Kick starting the conversation

We’ve partnered with a special team of experts including TV presenter Nadia Sawalha to kick start the conversation during World Continence Week (17-23 June). However, we’ll continue to push the #LetsPeeHonest message with great advice from Chartered Psychologist and Behavioural Change Expert Dr. Meg Arroll, and Pelvic Floor Expert Jane Wake. Nadia has also shared her personal bladder weakness story to help encourage others to open up and seek out a solution to this common problem. Read her story.

Follow the campaign on social media by searching @myinnovo or share your story on social using #letspeehonest

Our #LetsPeeHonest Experts

Nadia Sawalha

TV Presenter & INNOVO Ambassador

Jane Wake

Pilates Instructor and Pelvic Floor Expert

Dr Meg Arroll

Chartered Psychologist and Behavioural Change Expert

Dr. Ruth Maher & Dr. Sherry Ross

Physiotherapist & Co-Inventor of INNOVO and Award Winning OB/GYN

INNOVO - the long-lasting solution to bladder weakness

1 NHS Inform – Urinary Incontinence

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