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1 in 3 women experience bladder weakness, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Despite that incontinence is more common than hay-fever, and impacts considerably on confidence and emotional well being, very few women seek help and a solution.

But a weak bladder is fixable! There’s no reason why you should spend a lifetime wearing absorbent pads and pants. INNOVO provides an effective and long-lasting solution for leaks, and can get you back to living the spontaneous and carefree lifestyle you deserve.

And, it actually works! A clinical study found that:



of users saw a significant reduction in leaks after 4 weeks1


of users were defined as dry or near dry after 12 weeks2 


of users would recommend the therapy to others3

What do women say about INNOVO?



After 10 weeks of using INNOVO I feel so much more confident. I feel that I have control of my bladder and if I need the toilet I know that I can wait until I find somewhere to go – I’m not instantly in a panic or worried I will wet myself. One of the biggest achievements for me is that after years and years of being stuck in boring, dark clothes, I went on a cruise for my 60th birthday and wore some fabulous white trousers with confidence!


Karen Robinson_800x800.jpg

I started feeling it after about 3 weeks, but actually about 5 weeks for me personally, it got down to a level where I could actually say I could live with this and I was beginning to feel happier in myself.



I truly did not expect such a success. After 3 kids and the menopause I had given up and assumed I’d need those horribly perfumed liners for ever. I am amazed at the results after just 6 sessions! I have coughed and sneezed without problems.


Margaret_800x800.jpg (1)

Fast forward 12 weeks and I’m a completely different person! I feel so much better, I have pride in myself again, I’ve lost 18lb, I go out on the trampoline with my son almost every day to have fun with him and to exercise. This product, whilst not cheap, works! It will strengthen your pelvic floor, it will put stress incontinence to the back of your mind, and it will give you back your self-confidence.


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Why choose INNOVO?

- Clinically proven to work
- Treats the root cause of leaks
- Non-invasive - there are no probes to insert!
- Safe to use
- Comfortable
- Easy to use & put on
- Long-lasting solution
- Fits in to your life
- Suitable for women of all ages
- Supports landfill reduction

See how INNOVO works
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INNOVO represents real value

Being free from absorbent pads and pants which costs around £420 p/year on average is a real possibility with INNOVO. So Instead of coping, managing and getting by, invest in yourself and invest in a solution.

What causes bladder weakness in women? There are many causes, but the most common ones are:

What is Bladder Weakness costing you?

Try our calculator to find out how much you’re spending on pads each year. Calculation based on market average pad cost of £0.50 p/pad.

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Real Users. Real Results.

Every day, people just like you are restoring bladder control and living life with confidence thanks to INNOVO - but don’t just take our word for it…

1) Soeder S, et al, A randomised, controlled, double-blind, clinical study to compare two neuromuscular stimulator devices in female stress urinary incontinence: Effects on symptoms and quality of life. IUGA Conference 2018

2) R. Dmochowski – Novel external electrical muscle stimulation device for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: randomized controlled noninferiority trial versus intravaginal electrical stimulation. ICS Conference 2018

3) Observational study on the treatment of stress urinary incontinence with Innovotherapy, April 2014

DISCLAIMER: please note that any images of INNOVO in use featured on this website are a guide only. Consult your Quick Start Guide or our instructional videos on how to use INNOVO correctly.

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