See How INNOVO Works

Clever Multipath™ technology is embedded in the INNOVO shorts and sends gentle muscle stimulations from the electrodes on the buttocks to the electrodes at the front. This criss-cross pattern stimulates the pelvic floor muscles at the centre, completely non-invasively and pain-free.

What INNOVO Feels Like

You should feel a squeezing, tightening or lifting up sensation between the legs.

This is your pelvic floor muscles contracting as the trainer gets to work.

As you increase the intensity on the controller, the sensation will become more powerful.

Your Journey with INNOVO

Pads Are Temporary. You Can Fix This For Good.

Effortlessly Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

All you need is 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for up to 12 weeks for long-lasting results.

Just pull on INNOVO like a pair of shorts, connect the cables, and let it do those tricky pelvic floor exercises for you.

Get Leak Free and Save Money

In addition to the stress and embarrassment associated with leaks, there is the financial burden of pads and liners, the INNOVO pelvic floor device is a single purchase designed to fix leaks for good. Use the pad calculator below to find out how much incontinence products are costing you and how much INNOVO could save you. Don't delay, say goodbye to pads and say hello to living a leak-free.

Is INNOVO Right for Me?

INNOVO is suitable for use by women and men of all ages and treats stress, urge, and mixed incontinence.

If you’re ready to treat leaks once and for all, then INNOVO is the pelvic floor device for you.

You should not use INNOVO if you are pregnant, have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator or any implanted metal or electronic device.

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