What is the garment exchange policy?

To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your therapy it is important that the product fits you. Before using INNOVO® we recommend that you try them on to ensure that the size and fit is correct for you. Please try on the product while wearing underwear. DO NOT remove the red “No Return if Removed” tag on the connector – if removed the product cannot be returned. DO NOT use the INNOVO spray on the shorts. The product fits correctly if they are comfortable for you to put on and wear, are not excessively stretched or tight, and are not hanging loose around the thighs.

If you find that you need a different size, we will happily exchange them for a different size within 14 days of purchase once all of the following requirements are met:

  • The “No Return if Removed” tag is still in place
  • The product must be in perfect condition with no defect or damages
  • INNOVO® Spray has not been applied to the electrodes

To request a different size, please visit our Contact Us page which outlines a range of contact options.

Please be sure to reference the INNOVO size guide.

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