It’s great that we get to celebrate women, I’m not knocking this day at all! But each and every day women around the world secretly manage a variety of ‘taboos’. A whopping 60% of women feel embarrassed because of one of them - bladder weakness!1 Yes, 60%!!!

More and more social issues are more widely talked about – mental health, menopause – but the one ‘down there’ which affects the emotional and physical wellbeing of an estimated 200million people globally; one which means an adjustment to how their life should be (not going to that zumba class; carrying spare clothing), and even those around them (think sex life; dating; going out socially… still getting invited to go out anymore)… is one of the taboos that is still relatively unspoken.

That means 60% of women not living their life to their fullest, unnecessarily. Women desperately want control and confidence, but for so many this is just a projected self. We make light of the funny/not funny predicament we’re in with “Don’t make me laugh, I’ll wet myself”, but quite frankly, it’s bothersome at best and debilitating at worse. This is a common but not normal condition to have. Why just manage symptoms when you can treat the cause?

It’s reported that 1 in 3 UK women are affected by urinary incontinence.2 And this is just the reported figure (we know too that on average it takes women 6.5 years to seek help from their doctor).

So, let’s celebrate all the women out there coming to grips with the “gifts” that life has to offer along the way, those who have conquered their leaks (hurrah!), and our very special INNOVO® tribe that have shared their story to help others – thank you.

It’s liberating to address the problem. Find out more about how INNOVO can help you can live a life free from pads here.

Happy International Women’s Day 2019

Susanne Judd

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