Christmas is fast approaching and we love Christmas and everything about it. The tree, decorations, visiting family, social occasions, food, drinks and giving presents!

For a lot of women, however, it can be a very difficult and stressful time and all of these things can be daunting. 1 in 3 women who suffer from urinary incontinence may feel more limited as to what they can do this festive season.

Here are INNOVO’s tips for coping over the festive period:

Be shopping savvy
Carrying heavy items can put a strain on your pelvic floor and weaken the muscles. Avoid having to carry heavy shopping bags and get online to browse for those Christmas gifts. You will be able to shop without the ques, avoid the inclement weather and bag some bargains with pre-Christmas sales!

Visit the bathroom regularly
There’s lots to do in the lead up to the festive season so we all find ourselves rushing about. Make sure you take time to go to the toilet. Take your time on the toilet. Allow urine to flow at its own speed (don’t use your pelvic floor to push out urine) and make sure your bladder is fully emptied.

Coffee breaks
Meeting up with friends for lunch or coffee is an enjoyable part of the holiday season. But, remember, coffee is a diuretic and can be irritating to the bladder. Try to avoid drinking too much tea and coffee or try decaffeinated coffee and tea, or herbal tea alternatives.

Take some time out
Christmas can get very frenetic – don’t over commit in the run-up to Christmas; you will risk being exhausted both physically and emotionally. Leave some ‘me time’ in your diary.

Have Fun!
Remember it’s your Christmas too so try to relax and have fun, laugh and be merry. If things don’t go to plan try not to worry too much, instead laugh about them and make them into fun memories that you can talk about during Christmases to come. "Remember that time Mum set fire to the sprouts!".

New Year Resolution
And when New Year arrives make your first resolution to regain control and regain your confidence by strengthening your pelvic floor visit

Don’t suffer in silence, make a change with INNOVO.

Posted by: INNOVO Team, 05 December 2017

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