This March, we are celebrating the #MonthofMums. As its International Women’s Day today (8th March) and Mother’s Day on Sunday, the month of March seems to be the perfect time to celebrate those often times forgotten, but unconditionally loved & inspiring women in our lives – our Mums.

During pregnancy & childbirth, our bladders take quite a hit, with our very heavy (yet lovable) baby bumps putting lots of pressure on the pelvic floor. The stretching and weakening of these pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy & childbirth can leave the neck of the bladder un-supported, causing you to leak urine under pressure – often referred to as Stress Incontinence. Without exercise, the strength of this muscle can worsen over time, with a large majority of women still suffering with leaks many years later, even into the menopausal years.

A recent article with the Daily Mail Online discussed how unfortunate it is that so many women are experiencing incontinence post-childbirth, with little to no support or solutions offered by healthcare professionals, on how to address this issue. Women become depressed, lose their confidence, and even their relationships suffer, and so, feel at a loss on how to deal with the embarrassment that comes with this life-altering issue.

But hooray! There is a solution. Pelvic floor exercises can rebuild and restore these muscles giving you back control over leaks. These exercises take lots of focus and time and can be tricky to master, which is where INNOVO can help. INNOVO delivers 180 perfect stimulations to the pelvic floor in each session and does so completely non-invasively. It’s clinically proven to work, there are no internal probes to insert, and it is completely pain-free. Click here to learn more about how INNOVO can help you beat bladder weakness.

Inspiring Change

Our Mum’s are always putting others first, and inspiring us to be the best we can be, so in the spirit of International Women’s Day, let's inspire those lovely Mums and women in our lives to overcome a struggle they might be facing, whatever it might be. By working together and supporting each other, we can overcome all kinds of challenges! To see how you can get involved, read our Competition details below.

There are so many wonderful stories about inspirational women who have overcome challenges and have inspired change in their lives and others, so throughout March, we’ll be sharing our top picks for the best reads about inspirational women, so keep an eye on our social media pages and get your summer reading list sorted!

08 Mar

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