Summertime is in full swing! The days are longer, the nights shorter, which means more time for lots of fun filled activities now the kids are free from school – hooray!

The pressures of modern life can start to feel overwhelming at times and with the worry about having to ‘entertain’ your little ones for a [long] 6 weeks we can sometimes forget about the important things and that well-needed ‘me time’.

However, for some, the thought of how they’re going to keep the little ones happy this summer isn’t their biggest concern. 1 in 3 women who suffer from urinary incontinence may feel more limited as to what they can do with their children this summer and feel limited to certain activities and days out. The thought of wearing a swimsuit round the pool, or running around the park, or even the day-to-day sneezing due to hayfever can cause someone suffering from urinary incontinence to become anxious. These summer months are the only time in the year us Brits can expect a bit of sunshine (we hope!), so why should incontinence get in the way of enjoying that?

Here at INNOVO we want women and men to speak out about their issues and to not suffer in silence! Its more common than you think. And with 56% of women missing out or cancelling social events due to their incontinence we say now is the time to make a change. It’s time to grab summer by its horns and not have to constantly worry about where the nearest toilet is or how many pads you should pack into your handbag.

GP & Women's Health Specialist Dr. Pixie McKenna discusses how urinary leaks are impacting British Women's holiday plans, and how INNOVO can help treat the root cause of this condition.

We've created a ‘Summer Bucket List’ to help you plan your perfect, healthiest summer yet! We have filled ours with examples that range from having fun and playing with the kids to organising drinks with the girlfriends. Feel free to download our ‘Summer Bucket List’ template and create your own – there are no rules!

It’s time to feel as confident as ever this summer and not have to have that worry about incontinence. Don’t suffer in silence and make a change with INNOVO today.

Posted by: INNOVO Team, 01 August 2019

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