As Mother’s Day approaches, a lot of us are thinking the same thing – what do you buy the person who’s given you everything? We try so hard to think of something different, something that would make them feel like the luckiest mother in the world, yet in the back of our minds, we know that she would be over the moon with flowers and a card. But, for us that isn’t enough to show the amount of love & appreciation we have for them. Here at INNOVO, we understand mothers, that’s why we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 main things you should think about whilst finding the perfect present, and why INNOVO ticks all those boxes:

1. Something that lasts

I think we can all agree that the go-to gift for any occasion tends to be the standard bunch of flowers, a box of choccies or a nice bottle of wine, ‘cause let’s face it, they are all crowd favourites and are guaranteed to please. But we think Mum deserves something a little bit longer lasting, and if your mum (like mine) is the kind of gal that laughs until she’s charging for the loo, then she could very well use an INNOVO device that will not only provide her with many years of ‘oops’ free giggle sessions, but that she can continue to use to strengthen her pelvic floor long after she’s completed her 12-week treatment cycle. Studies of INNOVO have shown that 93% of users will see results in as little as 4 weeks, so why not get Mum back on the path to wellness, and treat her to some well-deserved Innovotherapy.

2. Something they will value

The thing that makes a present that extra bit more amazing is seeing that somebody put effort and thought into it. If you know that your Mum suffers from bladder weakness, you may not be aware of the effects that it could be having on her lifestyle, even when it comes to the little things – 50% of women in the UK have experienced leakage when out shopping. We teamed up with Mumsnet to run an INNOVO competition and received over 200 responses from mothers who suffer from incontinence, speaking about how it affects their daily life. With INNOVO, you’re giving her the gift of freedom. Not only will she get more ‘me time’ whilst doing her Innovotherapy sessions, she’ll also gain back the confidence to do the things she loves without any worries or restrictions.

3. Something they don’t know they need

We’ve always been a little freaked out at how mothers know everything! They can spot a dodgy friend before you do, they know exactly when something is amiss in your life, and they can even predict the weather and force you to carry a jacket, knowing that eventually, you’ll wear it. But because she’s always thinking of what’s best for you and the people around her, she sometimes forgets to think about what’s best for herself. If you read our recent blog posts here, you’ll see that 68% of women don’t consult their GP about their weak bladder so they end up putting up with it, and depending on pads to manage their condition, which is uncomfortable and can leave us all feeling a bit un-sexy. Some turn to medication, which just masks the symptoms, and others try out probe based treatments which are unhygienic and very invasive. With a 90% recommendation rate, INNOVO is the perfect gift to shows somebody that you’re thinking about their health & wellbeing, even if they’re too busy thinking about yours.

4. Something that money can’t buy

No matter how special the gift recipient is, price is always a factor whilst choosing a gift. You always must consider what you’re getting for the amount you spend. For a problem, such a bladder weakness, you can solve the problem for significantly less than it costs to keep putting up with it. Let me explain. A recent study on pad use revealed that on average, women dealing with incontinence spend £420 per year on pads, an ongoing cost that just keeps accumulating. For just £249, INNOVO addresses the root cause of bladder weakness, therefore restoring your bladder control, rendering pads an unnecessary evil. So, treat Mum to an INNOVO this Mother’s Day, and if it’s a bit too much money to lay out all once, we offer a pay by installments option so you can get started for just £41.50.

5. Something that gives you the most for your money

Remember, it’s quality over quantity. Seeing your mother happy and content is priceless! Urinary incontinence can put a massive weight on her shoulders, so being relieved of this issue will help her to feel like a brand-new woman. What better present could she ask for?

So, you should now be loaded with all the info you need to find the perfect gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day! Help her feel like every day is her day with INNOVO.

Posted by: INNOVO Team, 22 March 2019

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