As the mornings get brighter and the days last longer, we get that little bit more excited for summer as the days go by! For a lot of us, some of the things we’re most looking forward to are:

  • Having an excuse to go shopping for that new summer wardrobe & experiencing that radiant summer glow
  • Rooftop cocktails with the girls after a long day
  • Endless outdoor fun with the kids

The list is endless! However, for 5.4 million women, the thing they’re least looking forward to is not being able to enjoy the weather or make the most of it with their loved ones. This is all because they suffer from bladder weakness, an issue more common that hay fever! A British study on the social implications of Stress Urinary Incontinence has shown that 1/5 of people who suffer from Urinary incontinence only wear dark clothes in case they have a little leak during their day. Can you imagine not having the freedom to even wear the things you want? Let alone not being able to take part in life-changing experiences. We’re encouraging you to take control of your body and give yourself the freedom & confidence to show life who’s boss. To do this we thought we’d help you get started with your spring/summer plans by suggesting 5 amazing summer events in the UK to begin toning your core & pelvic floor. Not only will they help you get that summer bod you’ve been longing for, they’ll also challenge you & help you to break those limits that have been holding you back for so long.

Be:Fit London

“Be:FIT London, the UK’s Health & Fitness Festival for Women is back for its fourth year, and this year’s festival will be bigger and better than ever. We provide the tools to improve your lifestyle and become healthier and happier, without fad diets and quick fix beauty treatments.”

London Marathon

Don’t just sit at home and watch it from your sofa, there’s plenty of mini London marathon events you can be a part in! Whether you create your own marathon event in the garden with the kids or organise and take part in a community run, there’s plenty of opportunities to get active with a stronger than ever pelvic floor.

Athletic women are also part of the millions of women at high risk of suffering leaks.


Enjoy the day without having to worry about where the nearest toilet is. Whether you’re planning on relaxing in the sun with a bottle of PIMS and your closest friends or having your own Wimbledon event with the kids, you won’t have to worry about running to the toilet or leaking.

Jane Wake classes

Our pelvic floor expert, Jane Wake, hosts a variety of amazing classes from Antenatal Pilates to ‘Body Back After Baby’ – “The only weight management program designed specifically for Postnatal Mums”. So, if you’re pregnant or currently unable to use the INNOVO device, head to one of her classes to maintain that pelvic floor strength.

Hackney festival of fitness

“Aiming to create active community experiences that bring people together and make challenge fun, Virgin Sport has announced four festivals of sport in the UK and US for 2017: Hackney (April 30th), Westminster (July 9th), San Francisco (October 14-15th) and Oxford (October).”

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your INNOVO today to get summer-ready! If you still need a little more information or if you’re unsure about how much difference it can make to your life, watch what other INNOVO users thought and see the impact that Innovotherapy had on their lives.

Posted by: INNOVO Team, 05 April 2017

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