INNOVO is the only wearable pelvic floor exerciser that does all the hard work for you.

Get your at home Pelvic Floor Personal Trainer for just £49 over 6 Months Only


of users saw a significant

reduction in leaks after 4 weeks1


of users were defined as dry or

almost dry after 12 weeks2


of users would recommend

the therapy to others3

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For years we’ve been putting up with bladder weakness.

Tolerating it, not treating it.

But that ends here.

Pads are temporary. We’re fixing this for good.

With INNOVO you hold the power. You wear the pants.

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Life-changing sounds pretty dramatic, doesn't it? But for INNOVO users, it's true.

Kath’s INNOVO Story

“It’s sheer bliss for half an hour a night!”

Leonora's INNOVO Story

"In just 3 weeks I noticed a huge improvement"

“I bought my INNOVO 12 weeks ago. I’m so pleased with the results. I’m on my 11th week now and I’ve got to say it works. It’s expensive but it’s well worth the money, it’s better than wearing pads!"


“It’s been a week and my life has changed for the best. I can run, jump and cough without stressing out. Still more improvement to come, but it’s the best investment I have ever made in myself”.


“After 12 weeks of use, I can honestly say this is THE best product I have ever tried in terms of difference to me. I don’t think I will be requiring pads at least for another 30 years. I feel much more confident when I am in a laughing or coughing state, that I won’t immediately have to dash to the toilet”.

Mandy Jane

“I probably began to notice an improvement after 2-3 weeks. When going to the toilet I was able to almost stop ‘mid-flow’ but not as quickly as I would have liked. 10 weeks in and I am able to start and stop the flow as easy as turning on and off a tap. Once again I feel like am completely in control of my pelvic floor and have begun to do regular exercises again without using INNOVO”.


“Fast forward 12 weeks and I’m a completely different person! I feel so much better, I have pride in myself again, I’ve lost 18lb, I go out on the trampoline with my son almost every day to have fun with him and to exercise. This product whilst not cheap works! It will give you back your self-confidence”.

Rachael Jess

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