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What is INNOVO®?

INNOVO® is the only non-invasive pelvic floor exerciser that targets and treats the root cause of bladder weakness – your weak pelvic floor, rather than just managing the symptoms. INNOVO®'s Multipath technology comfortably, safely & effortlessly strengthens the entire network of pelvic floor muscles via pain-free muscle stimulation, and treats all types of Urinary Incontinence; Stress, Urge and Mixed Incontinence, in both women and men. 

The new & improved INNOVO® is super easy to use. Just pull them on like a pair of cycling shorts and let INNOVO® do those tricky pelvic floor exercises for you. It’s now even easier to be leak-free and gain the freedom you deserve to enjoy life and take back control.

And, INNOVO® actually works! A clinical study found that:



of users saw a significant improvement after 4 weeks1


of users saw were defined as dry or near dry after 12 weeks1


of users would recommend the therapy to others2

Introducing the new INNOVO® Shorts!

Here's how the INNOVO® shorts are different from other bladder weakness treatments:

- Clinically proven to work
- Treats the root cause of leaks
- Non-invasive - there are no probes to insert!
- Safe to use
- Comfortable,
- Easy to use & put on
- Long-lasting solution
- Fits in to your life
- Suitable for women of all ages
- Supports landfill reduction

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INNOVO® represents real value

Being free from absorbent pads and pants which costs around £420 p/year on average is a real possibility with INNOVO®. So Instead of coping, managing and getting by, invest in yourself and invest in a solution.

INNOVO® explained

Why does a weak pelvic floor cause bladder weakness? How does INNOVO® work with the pelvic floor to provide a long-lasting solutions to leaks? Our short video explains all.

How INNOVO® works

INNOVO®’s unique Multipath technology uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to deliver 180 perfect and complete pelvic floor contractions to the entire network of pelvic floor muscles in every 30 minute session. It is a proven technology designed to optimally strengthen the pelvic floor and re-educate the muscles that control bladder function. A hand-held controller connects to the shorts and allows you to increase the intensity of the stimulations - feel your entire pelvic floor lifting & releasing! Put simply, INNOVO® does the hard work for you.


Connect to the INNOVO® App

The INNOVO® App is free to download - it’s like a little pelvic floor coach in your pocket! Once you’ve set up your INNOVO® device, you can log your progress, stimulation intensity and improvement over time to keep yourself motivated. Available for iOS devices only.


Choosing the correct size

INNOVO® is available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes. The garment is unisex, so can be used by both Women and Men. It’s important that the garment fits you correctly – the integrated electrodes need to sit firmly against your skin for the best results.



How to set up & use INNOVO®

In this short video, we’ll show you how to get started with INNOVO® - how to set it up, how long to use it for and how to get it working for you. It really is as simple as pulling on a pair of shorts!

Have you got a question?

If you’re unsure whether INNOVO® is suitable for you, or you've got a product query, check out our FAQ’s Portal as your first port of call. You can also use the orange Live Chat button.

You can also phone us or email us. Visit our Contact Us page for details.


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1 in 3 women experience bladder weakness

That makes it more common than hay fever! Find out the common causes of leaks in women and whether INNOVO® is right for you. 

1) Soeder S, Tunn R. (2012) - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) of the Pelvic Floor Muscles using a Non-Invasive Surface Device in the Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI); A Pilot Study. IUGA Poster Presentation Conference, Dublin, Ireland (2013)

2) Observational study on the treatment of stress urinary incontinence with Innovotherapy, April 2014

DISCLAIMER: Images of INNOVO® being used on this website are a guide only. Please refer to the INNOVO® Quick Start Guide or INNOVO® Instructional videos on the correct way to position the body when using the INNOVO® device.

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