80% of users saw results in 4 weeks1.


effective and successful sessions delivered across the globe.2


physicians would recommend INNOVO.3

Treat, don’t tolerate!

Get your confidence back. Get your life back. No more leaks, pads or worries.

Time to be free to laugh, socialise, go out with your girls without planning the toilets breaks. Time to be spontaneous again.

Time to get active! Jump, run, swim, dance or just go for a walk in the park without worrying about accidents. There won’t be any. You got this!

Time to wear what you want. You. Decide. Not your bladder.

It is so simple!

Put on the shorts and let INNOVO exercise your pelvic floor muscles for you.

Only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Better bladder control in as little as 4 weeks.

With each pulse INNOVO strengthens the pelvic floor while you relax, helping the muscles relearn how to control bladder function treating the root cause of incontinence.

Find your fit

We have our own size range and it does not correlate to UK trouser or clothes size.

  • Your hips are the key. Measure your hips with a tape measure
  • Stand up straight with your feet together
  • Wearing light or no clothing, place the tape measure around the widest point of your low hip/seat area – look at the picture for reference
  • Match your INNOVO line measurement to the INNOVO size table
  • If you are between sizes, good news: opt for the smaller one and you’ll be fine

Putting you first

Winners of over 12 awards, however, the best recognition comes with each customers story of success and knowing they got their lives back.

This keeps us motivated in delivering the best solution to bladder weakness.

Treat, don't tolerate.

Real people, real results

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