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Pads vs. INNOVO® Pelvic Floor Exerciser - which is more affordable?

AFFORDABILITY | It’s something that we discuss often with our lovely customers. It’s a tricky scenario: the deceptively ‘affordable’ and routine purchasing of pads as part of your weekly grocery shop might seem like a sensible way of managing leaks, but what are they really costing you?

We conducted a study that found that people dealing with bladder weakness spend an average of £4201 per year on pads (that's roughly €472), and this cost could be much higher if you experience heavier leaks. When you think about the cost over a lifetime of pad use, that’s a hefty price to pay, especially when pads only help mask, rather than solve the problem.

How much does INNOVO® cost?

At €399, the INNOVO® Pelvic Floor Exerciser may seem pricey from the outset, but the cost is actually LESS than you’d spend over the course of just one year on pads, AND it actually solves the problem. Best of all, we offer a Pay by Instalment payment plan available exclusively here on our website, meaning you can start your INNOVO® treatment from just €66.50. There are no credit checks involved, simply select the Pay by Instalment option at checkout to spread the payment over 6 months. You’ll get your INNOVO® after the first payment so you can get started right away with your treatment – simple!  Better still, if you sign up to our eNewsletter, you’ll receive a €10 off voucher code to use when you checkout. Use the sign up form on the footer of our website to subscribe.

Don’t let anything get in the way of solving bladder weakness! INNOVO®’s non-invasive, clinically proven treatment can get you back doing all the things you used to love doing. The unisex garment is suitable for Women & Men, with results in as little as 4 weeks!2 

Try out our Pads Calculator to find out how much you’re spending each year on pads – trust us, it’s more than you think!

1 in 3 Irish Women experience bladder weakness

Overcome leaks with INNOVO today.

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