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An INNOVO® Shorts product review

The release of the new INNOVO® Shorts in October had an overwhelming response from INNOVO® customers old and new! The simpler to use, streamlined design came about from conversations with real INNOVO® Customers who wanted to help us make the process of overcoming leaks easier and more comfortable than ever before.

But what are the INNOVO® Shorts really like? Are they any good? Do they actually work? We reached out to INNOVO® customer Alan Williams (55) to provide a completely impartial and honest review about the new INNOVO® shorts, and share his incredible story, one that resonates so much more given this month is Movember.

Q: What brought on your bladder weakness originally?

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May 2018, two days before my 55th birthday. I underwent radical prostatectomy surgery in July of 2018, and while my consultant was very upfront about the side effects I might face, I did not expect the incontinence to be so bad - I was left with no bladder control whatsoever. The thought of wearing incontinence pads for months on end filled me with dread – how would I go out of the house? What about work, how would I cope? The fear of the day to day challenges were daunting so something had to be done. The hardest symptom to deal with was the total lack of control and the embarrassment that came with it. I didn’t feel like a man.

Q: What made you try INNOVO®? How did you hear about it?

I just couldn’t do the manual pelvic floor exercises. No matter how hard I would try, I had no chance of doing the prescribed 40 clenches, 3 times a day, and my heart dropped. I initially came across systems that involved probes. My main worry was hygiene and the thought of having to insert probes where you don’t want to be inserting probes just filled me with fear!

I eventually came across the original INNOVO® product (with the wrap around garment & gel pads), and it sounded too good to be true – just a garment that you wear, how easy is that! I was very sceptical, but out of despair I decided the investment would be worth it.

Q: How did you find the original INNOVO® product?

Initially fitting the individual leg straps was difficult, although once fitted very comfortable. I saw slow progress in the first couple of weeks, but as week 4, 5 & 6 flew by, bit by bit I was gaining more control and the use of pads became less and less. By the end of week 4 I was free of pads at night, by the end of week 5 I was leaking less in the day and by week 6 I was experiencing days with no pads at all. An appointment with my consultant confirmed I was weeks if not months ahead of some of his other patients, and this was a real confidence booster.

Q: How have you found the new INNOVO® Shorts compared to the original INNOVO® product you used?

The old two piece system did work very well for me, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it, however the wrap around garment was a bit difficult to correctly position and get in the right place each time.

But, the INNOVO® Shorts are in a completely different league! They are the next step in the evolution of what is a fantastic product, they’re light, comfortable to wear, and couldn’t be easier to put on. There are no worries about positioning the electrodes (which are integrated on the inside of the shorts – there a no gel pads), as they are always in the same position. They are much easier to use and less time consuming to put on each time.

Q: Would you recommend INNOVO® to a friend?

I would 100% absolutely recommend the INNOVO® system to anyone, they have been my life saver and I’m so glad to have found them online. Even my consultant has mentioned how surprised he is at the speed of my recovery.

For all the men out there that are going through the same process and finding it difficult to overcome their urinary incontinence, don’t sit in silence suffering, consider an alternative method that works. Seriously, if you have any concern that things will never improve your answer lies in this INNOVO® restore the floor system.


A bit about Movember

Movember is men’s health awareness month celebrated globally every November, to raise awareness and funds that go towards helping men stop dying too young. A big focus and recipient of Movember funds are Prostate Cancer charities. Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in men in the UK, and given that a common side effect of surgeries that treat this cancer is urinary incontinence, it’s a cause close to our hearts here at INNOVO®.

1 in 10 men experience bladder weakness, and the vast majority of this is driven by prostate cancer surgeries. Many men feel defeated as to how to deal with a total loss of bladder control, and adjust to the concept of wearing pads 24 hours a day. The use of sanitary items is largely a completely foreign concept to men, and this leaves them feeling embarrassed and emasculated. But INNOVO® can & does help! If you or a man in your life is experiencing urinary incontinence post prostate cancer surgery, there is a solution in INNOVO® shorts.

Learn more about INNOVO® for Men here.

1 in 10 Irish Men experience Bladder Weakness.

Take control with INNOVO today & overcome leaks in as little as 4 weeks.

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