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We get it. Bladder weakness is a sensitive topic. No one likes having leaks or wearing pads, so talking about this openly can be tricky.

We wanted you to know that we are here. We’re here to support you at any stage of the journey you might be at. Our Customer Care team are here to provide you with information about sizing, treatment plans, product issues or whatever else it might be you need help with. Freephone 0800 028 5687 to chat.

How can I get INNOVO® Support? 

Here are some other ways you can get help or advice about INNOVO® if you’re looking for it:

  • Live Chat: look for the orange Live Chat button on any page of our website to have a confidential chat with an INNOVO® expert. 
  • Post Purchase Support: when you purchase your INNOVO® at, there's an option at checkout to opt in to receiving a post-purchase email series which focuses on top tips for getting the most from your treatment, what to expect, and motivation at each stage of the process, from week 1 to week 12!
  • Join the My INNOVO® Community: our closed Facebook group 'My INNOVO® Community' provides a safe and supportive platform for INNOVO® Customers to share their experiences & stories, ask questions, and connect to like-minded people who are also trying to get leaks under control. we also run the odd special offer through their exclusively for community members. Just search 'My INNOVO Community' on Facebook to find us. 
  • Follow us! Join our growing community of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube for bladder weakness & pelvic floor education, advice, Q&A's, latest INNOVO® news & product releases, and for motivation on how to get leaks under control once & for all. You can also use the private message function to reach out to us with questions directly. Just search '@myinnovo' on your preferred platform. 

We'd also love to hear from you. Feedback is how we learn, grow and improve, and its critical to our success, and yours too! If there's anything you'd like to feedback on, email us at [email protected] and we'll come back to you within 2 business days.


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