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Life-changing Success Stories

Life-changing sounds pretty dramatic, doesn’t it? But for many of our users, it’s true. Every day, people just like you have overcome their struggle with bladder weakness using INNOVO®, and for them a life leak-free has made all the difference.

Read and watch our real user ‘Success Stories’ to find out how INNOVO® has helped them to restore their pelvic floor, their control and confidence.

Why not change your life and try it yourself?

A solution to Bladder Weakness for this Mum of 6

Overcoming Bladder Weakness with just 30 mins of ‘me time’ a day

After four weeks of using INNOVO® I started to feel results, which improved as the weeks went on. It has completely changed my life for the better and I am no longer stressing about how long I may need to be in the car for. It was easy to use, and it was nice to have something on the outside rather than putting something inside. Being so busy, I enjoy having a routine, and it was very straight forward to incorporate INNOVO® into my evening schedule – usually when I was ironing or watching television.

Christine Catt, 30, Mum of 1

Christine Catt_300px.jpg

Getting back to the real me, after experiencing Bladder Weakness

Taking back control over Bladder Weakness after 20 years

“I only got up once last night to use the loo! Everyday life is already changing in a very positive way. I have reduced the number of pads I normally use in a day and that in itself is a cause for celebration. It just goes to show that you are never too old to make improvements to your health and lifestyle. I am 70 now and wish I had known about INNOVO® before, so I am now embarking on a journey that could change the rest of my life for ever.”

Christine, aged 70

After 12 weeks of use, I can honestly say it is THE best product I have ever tried in terms of difference to me...I don't think I will be requiring Tena Ladies at least for another 30 years, I feel so much more confident when I in a laughing or coughing statae, that I won't immediately have to dash to the toilet.

Hex Mum Blog

Hex Mum_300x300.jpg

Before starting Innovotherapy, if I had to pee, I had to go right away. I had a strong sense of urgency. Thankfully I did not have any leaks but at the same time, there was no waiting around to pee. If I woke up in the night or early in the morning, I'd have to get up for the toilet. Now, the sense of urgency is greatly reduced. I'm able to fall back asleep without needing to get up for the toilet & there isn't the panic to run to the toilet during the day. I would highly recommend INNOVO® based on my personal experience in it improving my sense of urgency.

Cuddle Fairy Blog

Cuddle Fairy_300x300.jpg

I probably began to notice an improvement after 2-3 weeks, when going to the toilet I was able to almost stop 'mid-flow' but not as quickly as I would have liked. 10 weeks in and I am able to start and stop the flow as easily as turning on and off a tap. Once again I feel like I am completely in control of my pelvic floor and have begun to do regular exercises again without using INNOVO®.

Deep in Mummy Matters

Deep in Mummy Matters_300x300.jpg

So, what's my verdict on the INNOVO®? Well, it has worked. I safely ran my half marathon, no pad needed and no accidents. I've had many coughs and sneezing attacks and again been absolutely fine. You regain control, and confidence. It's a better alternative to surgery too. It doesn't just help stress incontinence like what I had, but also urge and mixed incontinence too...I certainly recommend it with two big thumbs up.

Mummy M's Memories


Fighting back from Prostate Cancer induced Bladder Weakness

Ending the embarrassment of Bladder Weakness

"After 10 weeks of using INNOVO® I feel so much more confident. I feel that I have control of my bladder and if I need the toilet I know that I can wait until I find somewhere to go – I’m not instantly in a panic or worried I will wet myself. One of the biggest achievements for me is that after years and years of being stuck in boring, dark clothes, I went on a cruise for my 60th birthday and wore some fabulous white trousers with confidence!"

Karen, aged 60

So am I coughing with confidence thanks to INNOVO® as I near the end of my 12 weeks? You bet I am. In fact, I'd noticed a difference very early on in the process. I'm not in the midst of a stinking cold, which 4 months ago would have filled me with dread. Sneezing and coughing would have been a recipe for bladder leakage. Now? I would say, that in most instances I get no leakage at all, or a very, very minute amount. It's wonderful. I'm so impressed. I can run after my 6-year-old son without thinking about my actions first. I can sit at the Grand Prix, coughing, and just concentrate on the cars going round the track. It's been a bit of a revelation.

Over 40 and Mum to One

Over 40 and Mum to One_300x300.jpg

INNOVO® has given me back the confidence to run around with my little boy, to jump on a trampoline and most importantly laugh without worrying about any embarrassing leaks! The treatment is so simple and all you need is 30 spare minutes 5 days a week to sit/lay with the equipment on and enjoy some time to just relax knowing INNOVO® is doing the work for you.

Tantrums to Smiles

Tantrums to Smiles_300x300.jpg

Fast forward 12 weeks and I'm a completely different person! I feel much better, I have pride in myself again, I've lost 18lb, I go out on the trampoline with my son almost every day to have fun with him and to exercise. I run with him, I play with him and our days out are not such a pressure on me finding the toilets. This product, whilst not cheap, works! It will strengthen your pelvic floor, it will put stress incontinence to the back of your mind, and it will give you back your self-confidence.

Rachael Jess

Rachael Jess_300x300.jpg

"I truly did not expect such a success. After 3 kids and the menopause I had given up and assumed I'd need those horribly perfumed liners for ever. I am amazed at the result after just 6 sessions! I have coughed and sneezed without probs”


Not putting up with Bladder Weakness any longer

Treating the root cause of Bladder Weakness with Innovotherapy

"This has been a saviour for me, after 3 natural childbirths my pelvic floor was less than perfect. I tried to do the exercises myself but with so much to think about as a busy Mum they were forgotten. The INNOVO® was easy to use, it took a little getting used to the first couple of days but I was soon able to increase the intensity and quickly noticed the difference. Now I only need to use it when I feel like my pelvic floor is losing its tone."

Sabina, Deep in Mummy Matters Blog

12 weeks ago I was hiding my laughs, crossing my legs when I sneezed (damn hayfever!), and watching my kids play at our weekly bouncy castle stay and play from the sidelines. This summer though? I'm the Mum bouncing with the kids, I'm going to sneeze without the fear of leaking, I'm not going to chase my kids through the front door for the toilet anymore, and me and Dean have booked to go and see one of our favourite comedians, something we have wanted to do for ages! And we have even ordered a trampoline for the garden!

3 Princesses & 1 Dude

3 princesses and 1 dude_300x300.jpg

The trampoline is no longer something to fear, nor is sneezing or coughing. The confidence boost it gives to your wellbeing is something that is hard to name a price for.

Autism Mumma

Autism Mumma_300x300.jpg

After a week I honestly felt a difference, doing my home exercises were proving a little less problematic, not a huge difference but to say it had only been a week I was VERY impressed...I can jump around and sneeze without having to worry...It's been a life changer, it really has...It's not just old ladies that get it, do your exercises but if, like me you didn't listen then, the INNOVO® really could change your life!

Chammy in Real Life

Chammy IRL_300x300.jpg

"I can run around with my daughter like a mum should. I don’t have to worry about my fluid intake."

Christine, age 35, first-time mother

The life-changing benefits of INNOVO®

Jo and Leah Wood lift the lid on the truth about pelvic floor health

"This product is one of the best you can buy for looking after yourself, I noticed my pelvic floor stronger in the first two weeks! So good, I will recommend it to my family and friends no doubt!"

Julia M

It has made such a big difference - I was not very keen on the idea of a second child after a fairly horrible labour/birth and how long that had an impact on my life, but I am a bit more optimistic now.

MumsNet Tester, Clarabell33

MumsNet Logo.jpg

For the first time in year I have been able to actively take part in a clubbercise exercise class without wearing a discreet pad! This is a huge thing for me!

MumsNet Tester, Bonkerz

MumsNet Logo.jpg

I feel like I'm back in control of my own body. I noticed the change after about 4 weeks and even my husband has commented that things feel tighter. It's done more for me in 12 weeks than years of trying to do pelvic floor exercises.

MumsNet Tester, Boglin

MumsNet Logo.jpg

I can also sneeze without damp consequences, which as a hay fever sufferer is invaluable! I may also have been spotted on a trampoline, and set of swings recently, throwing my legs back and forward with careless abandon! Plus, I'm sure my bum is looking more toned!

MumsNet Tester, ThreenageMutantWhingerTurtle

MumsNet Logo.jpg

This brand new product is easy to use at home and, what's more, it is genuinely really effective. The instructions included are clear and easy to understand. I would recommend it for people of any age who have to deal with urinary incontinence issues.

Au Feminin Club des Expertes, Ninissechupa

Au Feminin Club des Expertes Logo_300x300.jpg

I was delighted to be one of the testers and, thanks to this device, I was able to carry out my re-education plan at home, which was more practical, more private too, and above all really effective. My leaks gradually faded away and then totally disappeared. I feel like I've made an incredible leap forward. Okay, it's a bit of hassle because you have to keep at it, but I feel so free now, I'm over the moon with the results; I've gained more confidence and that's extremely important...I would recommend this device to women who are looking for a way of coping with this health issue that makes life a misery on a daily basis. Highly-effective is the word that sums up INNOVO®.

Au Feminin Club des Expertes, Yviolyne

Au Feminin Club des Expertes Logo_300x300.jpg

I can do my sessions whenever I need to yet without the pressure. It's more in tune with my lifestyle...It definitely works, that's for sure. I would recommend it for people who suffer from incontinence and wish to take up a sport.

Au Feminin Club des Expertes, mamjo35

Au Feminin Club des Expertes Logo_300x300.jpg

Once the garments are positioned correctly then you can really feel the pelvic floor muscles contracting. The contractions all take place around the centre...When you've just had a baby, it's a really good device to use, and much better than Ben Wa balls as far as I'm concerned.

Au Feminin Club des Expertes, Sandymatis

Au Feminin Club des Expertes Logo_300x300.jpg

It's a brilliant product to have at home to continue strengthening pelvic floor muscles at the same time as (or following) re-education sessions. It ensures you maintain good muscle tone. I was able to start back to my sports activities without any worry. I definitely recommend it!

Au Feminin Club des Expertes, mellou87

Au Feminin Club des Expertes Logo_300x300.jpg

INNOVO® has really changed my life in every sense of the word, even though, to start with, I was somewhat sceptical about the machine. Today my urinary leaks have completely disappeared and my life has really changed, as regards all the activities I do and my sexual life too. It's just pure bliss and I would recommend it for any woman who has urinary problems because, quite honestly, INNOVO® is totally revolutionary!

Au Feminin Club des Expertes, dOrine02

Au Feminin Club des Expertes Logo_300x300.jpg

The results speak for themselves: a lot less leaking and, in certain situations, none at all. I've regained confidence, which means that life on a daily basis is much cooler. I've taken up running again, no problem and, when I laugh or I sneeze I can really feel the difference as there's no leaks.

Au Feminin Club des Expertes, carolecharlotte8

Au Feminin Club des Expertes Logo_300x300.jpg
Innovo 1.5_800x800-transparent.png

Laugh in the face of sneezes, cough without crossed legs

A weak bladder is fixable. There’s no reason to let it hold you back.  Take care of yourself and take the first step towards a leak-free life with INNOVO®.

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