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INNOVO for Men

1 in 10 men experience a loss of bladder control.

Despite that incontinence is more common than hay-fever, and impacts considerably on confidence and emotional wellbeing, very few men seek help and a solution.

But a weak bladder is fixable! There’s no reason why you should spend a lifetime wearing absorbent pads and pants. INNOVO provides an effective and long-lasting solution for leaks, and can get you back to living the spontaneous and carefree lifestyle you deserve.

Get back to doing everything you want to do, when you want to do it.


Dr Andrew Goldspink

Osteopath, Dr Andrew Goldspink discusses the connection between pelvic floor weakness and urinary leaks in men, and how this can be addressed quickly and effectively using INNOVO.

What do men say about INNOVO?



I had partial incontinence after removal of my prostate and in spite of pelvic floor exercises it was not improving. Using the INNOVO for about 12 weeks and I am now fully continent with no problems so I fully endorse this product.


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I would 100% absolutely recommend the INNOVO system to anyone, they have been my life saver and I’m so glad to have found them online. Even my consultant has mentioned how surprised he is at the speed of my recovery. Seriously, if you have any concern that things will never improve your answer lies in this INNOVO restore the floor system.


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Dealing with prostate cancer was hard enough, but then to have urinary incontinence was also a daily emotional struggle that I found hard to cope with. INNOVO completely changed my life. I can now go out, wear my normal clothes, and I am not constantly feeling down my trousers to see if I am all wet. I can do all the things I did before I had cancer – even visit the pub with my friends for a few pints.


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I first started experiencing leaks after my prostate cancer surgery. It’s very dehumanising, very degrading. It makes you lose your self-confidence, self-esteem and dignity. Within a very short period [of using INNOVO], within two months, I started seeing a lot of improvement. I would recommend INNOVO, it’s a wonderful thing, it’s a wonderful device.



Why choose INNOVO?

- Clinically proven to work
- Treats the root cause of leaks
- Non-invasive - there are no probes to insert!
- Safe to use
- Comfortable
- Easy to use & put on
- Long-lasting solution
- Fits in to your life
- Suitable for men of all ages
- Supports landfill reduction

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INNOVO represents real value

Being free from absorbent pads and pants which costs around €500 p/year on average is a real possibility with INNOVO. So Instead of coping, managing and getting by, invest in yourself and invest in a solution.

The science behind INNOVO for men

What is Bladder Weakness is costing you?

Try our calculator to find out how much you’re spending on pads each year. Calculation based on market average pad cost of £0.50 p/pad.


Real Users. Real Results.

Everyday, people just like you are overcoming bladder weakness and taking back control over their lives thanks to INNOVO - but don't just take our word for it...

DISCLAIMER: please note that any images of INNOVO in use featured on this website are a guide only. Consult your Quick Start Guide or our instructional videos on how to use INNOVO correctly.

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