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The INNOVO® App - a little pelvic floor coach in your pocket...

So, you’ve made the leap and have purchased your INNOVO® device - thanks, and welcome to the family! You’ve taken a big step in the right direction in overcoming bladder weakness.

But wouldn’t it be great if you had someone reminding you and motivating you each day to keep up with your Innovotherapy treatments? Someone that could give you the answers to quick INNOVO® queries on the spot and who could help you record and track your progress and improvement?

Well that’s where the INNOVO® app comes in! 

Here’s three ways the INNOVO® app works to support you through your 12-week treatment programme:

  1. Keep on track with your Innovotherapy programme and record your progress as you go. Washing, cooking, ironing, the school pick-up… Sometimes life can get in the way of ‘you’ time. It’s important you stay on top of your Innovotherapy programme and complete your full treatment to get the best results. So that you don’t miss a session, the INNOVO® app allows you to set reminders, input your activity as you go. You can even report your improvement in levels of leakage to keep you motivated.

  2. INNOVO® continues to support users by providing useful resources which can be accessed from your mobile device. Understand the importance of pelvic floor health, access exercises and tips from Innovo experts and watch other people’s stories.

  3. The INNOVO® app provides you with everything you need to cope with unwanted leaks so you can maintain strength. Learn how Innovotherapy works to prevent leakage, enabling you to quite literally restore your floor and get control and confidence back.

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Innovo App

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The INNOVO® App is free to download. Available on iOS only.

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