This is a key step in your Innovo journey: find your perfect fit! Remember, the shorts are just the means to exercise your pelvic floor muscles and get better bladder control. Having a nice, comfortable fit ensures that your INNOVO sits correctly around your body to deliver safe and effective therapy.

Innovo shorts are unisex – so this applies to women and men.

Find your INNOVO size

We have our own size range and it does not correlate to UK trouser or clothes size.

  • To find your INNOVO size, you will first need to measure what we call your “INNOVO line, which is based on your low hip/seat measurement
  • Stand up straight with your feet together
  • Wearing light or no clothing, place the tape measure around the widest point of your low hip/seat area – look at the picture for reference
  • Match your INNOVO line measurement to the INNOVO size table
  • If you are between sizes, good news: opt for the smaller one and you’ll be fine

How do I know I have the right fit?

You have the right INNOVO fit if:

  • The shorts are comfortable for you to put on and wear
  • They’re not too stretched or too tight
  • It’s ok if they are loose around the waistband
  • BUT they’re not hanging loose around your thighs

Don’t see your size?

Got a question? We’re here to help! Email us at [email protected] or freephone us on 0800 028 5687.

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