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Getting back to the real me

Taking back control after 20 years

"My pelvic floor muscles are much stronger, I can now start running, and doing any kind of impact sport, which is fantastic."

Harriette, age 33, first-time mother


Fighting back from prostate surgery

Ending the embarrassment

"Innovotherapy has made a huge impact in such a short time. I feel a lot more confident, not frightened to put myself forward and I don’t hold back anymore."

Jennie, age 47, mother of three suffered leaks for 20 years


Not putting up with it any longer

Treating the root cause of bladder weakness with Innovotherapy

"It enabled me to do the things I used to do – restored me to where I was before my operation."

Alpha, post prostate surgery


Jo & Leah Wood

Jo and Leah Wood have teamed up with INNOVO® to end the embarrassment and give women the confidence to talk about and treat the issue. They talk openly about their experiences with Bladder Weakness and how INNOVO® has helped them. 

"I can run around with my daughter like a mum should. I don’t have to worry about my fluid intake."

Christine, age 35, first-time mother


Innovo Device_Transparent

Laugh in the face of sneezes, cough without crossed legs

A weak bladder is fixable. There’s no reason to let it hold you back.  Take care of yourself and take the first step towards a leak-free life with INNOVO®.

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