Urinary incontinence, weak bladder, over-active bladder… these are just a few of the terms used to describe what commonly happens when we cough, sneeze, laugh, lift something heavy or feel a sudden urge and must go straight away.

Urinary leaks when you sneeze and cough may seem like just a ‘little accident’, but these leaks can quickly become a troublesome problem that stop you going out, wearing light coloured trousers, running around with the kids. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Although pads can give us a sense of protection and security, this is only a temporary solution. Not only is planning out toilet stops and filling your handbag up with pads every time you leave the house a tiresome chore, it can also be making an ALMIGHTY dent in your bank account. And we promise you, it’s way more than you think!

We conducted a study and found that British people suffering with bladder weakness, will spend an average of £4221 each and every year on pads1. And this cost could be much higher, especially if you are experiencing frequent leakage.

Add this up over a lifetime of continued use – it’s an eye-watering figure. Left untreated, bladder weakness has a tendency to worsen over time, meaning more money spent on pads, year after year. It’s an endless cost and its not even providing you with a solution to the problem. What if you just didn’t experience leaks in the first place?

How much can you save with INNOVO?

The cost of wearing pads, liners and absorbent pants add up. Use our calculator to see how much you’re spending each year. INNOVO is a one-time payment solution. No more pads, leaks or worries.


This is where INNOVO can help…

INNOVO is a revolutionary technology that treats the root cause of bladder weakness, rather than just the symptoms, by non-invasively strengthening the pelvic floor via pain free muscle stimulation. This safe & convenient at-home treatment is suitable for women and men and is clinically proven to work. A clinical study found that:

  • 80% of users saw a significant reduction in leaks after just 4 weeks2
  • 87% of users were defined as either dry or almost dry after 12 weeks3
  • 90% of users would recommend the therapy to others4

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1 TEFEN Research Study, 2015

2 Soeder S, et al, A randomised, controlled, double-blind, clinical study to compare two neuromuscular stimulator devices in female stress urinary incontinence: Effects on symptoms and quality of life. IUGA Conference 2018

3 R. Dmochowski – Novel external electrical muscle stimulation device for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: randomized controlled noninferiority trial versus intravaginal electrical stimulation. ICS Conference 2018

4 Observational study on the treatment of stress urinary incontinence with Innovotherapy, April 2014

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