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INNOVO Sizing Guide

Finding your fit


INNOVO is a unique wearable treatment for bladder weakness. INNOVO is available in a range of sizes and finding the right size will help you to safely and effortlessly strengthen your pelvic floor. Remember that INNOVO does so much more than your regular shorts, so it’s very important that you get the right fit for you. INNOVO Shorts are unisex, so can be used by both women and men. 

TIP: If you don’t have a soft tape measure handy, you can either request one from us for free by emailing your details here, or you can use a piece of string and then place that on a flat tape measure or ruler.

If you’re between sizes, we recommend that you opt for the smaller size. Find out how to find your INNOVO size by watching our quick video:


 ***NOTE: If you're between sizes, it's advisable that you opt for the smaller size.***

How do I know I have the right fit?

You have the right INNOVO fit if:

  • They are comfortable for you to put on and wear
  • They’re not too stretched or too tight
  • They’re not hanging loose around your thighs

Having a nice, comfortable fit ensures that your INNOVO sits correctly around your body to deliver a safe and effective therapy.

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Kick that pad habit, get back to being you.

You deserve more than a life time managing leaks. INNOVO's clinically proven, truly non-invasive technology provides a long-lasting solution to bladder weakness in as little as 4 weeks. 

Don't see your size?

Here at INNOVO, we are constantly striving to improve our products. Our team is working hard to add more sizes to our range. If you don’t see your size today, sign up to our eNewsletter on the website footer to get updates from INNOVO and we’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news as it happens.

Got a question? We’re here to help! Email us at [email protected] or free phone us on 1800 800 045. 

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