Woman & Home Names INNOVO Best Pelvic Floor Trainer

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The best pelvic floor trainers, recommended by experts and tested by us

“Many of my patients told me that Kegels didn’t work for them and when I used ultrasound imaging to look inside to see what strategies these women were using, it became apparent that they were not actually performing Kegel exercises,” says Dr Ruth Maher, co-inventor of INNOVO “Many were contracting other muscles or performing a ‘bearing down’ maneuver that, if done chronically, can worsen the condition and may lead to pelvic organ prolapse.“ 

“Many women use vaginal biofeedback devices and do not realize they could be doing more harm than good.“ says Dr Maher. “That’s because the output or readings they may see on their screen or phone don’t always represent a pelvic floor contraction.  If you leak when you cough, laugh, sneeze or exercise, you are most likely suffering from SUI (stress urinary incontinence) and weak or slow pelvic floor muscles—this is where INNOVO comes in. This pelvic trainer comes in the form of a pair of shorts. These smart shorts use Multipath technology that sends electrical muscle stimulations from the electrodes on the buttocks to the electrodes at the front of the shorts. The idea is that the wearer can relax while the shorts stimulate the pelvic muscles. For best results, the creators of the shorts advise wearing them for thirty minutes a day for five days a week. Set your intensity level and during each session, the electric pulses should deliver 180 perfect Kegel exercises—this obviously helps if you’re unsure how or unable to do a Kegel correctly.