Why INNOVO Is a Smarter Pick Than Pads or Other Pelvic Floor Devices

While pads are an easy way to mask incontinence, they’re far from a permanent fix; they’re a Band-Aid. On the contrary, INNOVO is a clinically proven solution that’s comfortable, convenient, completely non-invasive, and 100% safe.

Let’s face it—pads are annoying. They take up too much room in your bag. They shift around and cause leak anxiety. They’re the antithesis of eco-friendly. (A single pad can take up to 400 years to decompose.) And most significantly, they’re just plain uncomfortable. Who wants to find themselves stuck in a bulky, adult-like diaper? No one. It’s an immensely unpleasant feeling and potential barrier between you and your partner.

INNOVO, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase that allows you to finally treat the root cause of incontinence in the comfort of your own home. All it requires is that you set aside 30 minutes a day, five days a week for 12 weeks and let our FDA-cleared technology deliver 180 perfect Kegels over each session. To put the simplicity of INNOVO in perspective, doctors typically recommend women suffering from incontinence do up to 300 Kegel exercises seven days a week for four to six months in order to see results. That’s a big commitment, especially considering there’s a high risk of the exercise not being completed correctly. Meanwhile, INNOVO’s results speak for themselves.

If you’re afraid switching from pads to INNOVO will require you to use invasive technology, don’t be. While most other pelvic floor exercise devices use a probe that needs to be inserted into the vagina, INNOVO does not. Instead, it uses a handheld controller attached to a pair of form-fitting shorts to send targeted impulses via a set of eight integrated electrodes to safely and effectively activate all pelvic floor muscles.

Our decision to design INNOVO without a probe was based on research from multiple studies, including one that revealed more than half of subjects who used probe-based devices experienced some form of side effect. Another study found that nearly one in five subjects dropped out due to side effects associated with the devices, like pain, bleeding, vaginal infection, vaginal irritation, and urinary tract infections. With INNOVO, you can be confident that you are receiving effective treatment with minimal risk or side effects.