Tis the Season to Discuss Taboo Topics

By Dr. Nita Landry, MD, FACOG

The holiday season is a busy time! We tend to neglect our health as we rush around, doing all of the things we think we need to do. The truth is, the extra stress, lack of sleep, and abundance of sugar takes a toll and there are some simple steps we can take to help ourselves feel our best.

Taking care of common discomforts and health conditions during the holidays can seem like an extra burden, however when you make your health a priority, your body will likely reward you with fewer uncomfortable symptoms, enabling you to keep up with your busy schedules.

We reached out to 1,000 US women, age 35 and over, and found that the majority would feel less embarrassed about these topics, if people talked about them more. In fact, 56 percent rarely, if ever, discuss hot flashes. And the women who do suffer from SUI, 82 percent haven’t talked about it with family or friends. So let’s get this conversation started!

Urinary Incontinence

One in three women suffer from incontinence. Did you know the incidence was this high? Likely not, since three out of four women are embarrassed to talk about it! Most women affected by urinary incontinence are afraid their symptoms will get worse and they feel ashamed by it. If this applies to you, I challenge you to start the conversation by telling five friends. You may find this scary, however you may be relieved once you do. You may be rewarded by discovering another friend in the same situation as you. You’re not alone!

What can you do to treat the root cause of stress urinary incontinence and finally say goodbye to pads and liners? INNOVO may be the right solution for you! It’s clinically proven and easily fits into any busy. After 3 months of using INNOVO, 87% of users were dry or nearly dry1, while 80% saw a significant improvement after just one month2. Imagine being leak-free for all of your holiday and New Years festivities!

Hot Flashes

Nearly fifty percent of women who experience hot flashes, discuss it openly to their friends. Hot flashes are a fact of life for most women at some point in their lives. There is so much humor to be retrieved from these stories. So, let’s talk about it! When you feel that heat coming on, head for the nearest freezer to grab a cold pack at parties. Place on the back of your neck, or in your bra for instant relief.

There are several home remedies and lifestyle changes that might decrease the symptoms of per-menopause.3 See your healthcare practitioner to discuss all of your treatment options.

Updated on Feb-04-22

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